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December 2008
MOLLOY- Thursday Electric EP

Selfish Cunt / An Experiment On A Bird In The Air
Cardiff Barfly, 03/12/08

Cardiff Point, 16 December 2008
THE FUTUREHEADS, Cardiff Sub 29, 8 December 2008
Linkin Park
Road To Revolution: Live At Milton Keynes
SLIPKNOT, Cardiff International Arena, 5 December 2008
UK SUBS, Cardiff Barly, 27 November 2008
November 2008
The Paddingtons – No Mundane Options
The Holloways
Cambridge Junction, 12th November 2008
Train in Vain
Rosey R*E*P*E*A*T travels with sounds by The Paddingtons, The Levevllers, 2 Hot 2 Sweat, My Little Red Door and The Great Shakes, and books on Rage Against the Machine, Tattoos and Making History
Sex Pistols Experience & Punk's Not Dad
Cardiff Barfly October 31st
Trying to sing with a throat full of sick...
Alan Smith listens to Violet Violet, The Matthew Project, Aeroplane, Queen, The Lost Levels and more
October 2008
STIFF LITTLE FINGERS, Cardiff The Point, 14/10/2008
Like watching Kerry Katona trying to drown a fish...
Steffan Bones reviews F451, The Fins, Conor Oberst, Black Tide and Reemer
Eyes Wide Terrified - Holl(i)y confronts Johnny Foreigner, The Afternoons, Scars on Broadway, Dead Young Club and more
Transmission, Cambridge Junction 3/10/08
The Claude Pub Cardiff
September 2008
Swansea City vs Cardiff City,
Cardiff Barfly, 23.9.08
Dave Grohl: Foo Fighters, Nirvana and Other Misadventures
A book by by Martin James
1977 Live @ London Astoria
September 6, 2008
Pass the fucking bucket
Jess Trash listens to The Kabeedies, Son of Dave, Russell's Teapots and more

Club Fandango - Fistful of Fandango - Lucky Soul / Pete Molinari / Cassie & The Cassettes

Keep Britain Tidy reviewed by Dark Star Organisation
READING FESTIVAL 2008 reviewed by Glitter Bitch
Autons - reviews of Snakes, Election Singer and Short Term Manifesto
The rules of modern policing
Alan Smith listens to Sukie, The Humanity, The Shivers, MGMT, Joy Division and more
Recite that over your Casio and then bugger off. Anna C gets all electro with Soular and The Vichy Government
Keep Britain Tidy
A Public Service Announcement with Guitars

2 reviews and a thank you letter
August 2008
Weezer - Pork and Beans
Manic Street Preachers / The Afternoons: Newport Centre, 21/08/08

Rakennus Ash
takes the bullets from Late of the Pier, XX Teens, Little Jackie, Violet Violet, Rosalita and more

Monkey: Journey to the West by Damon Albarn
Perfect Unpop
Various Artists
"Just an extra with nothing to say...?"
Rosey R*E*P*E*A*T enjoys some new sounds from Levelload, The Automatic, The Mono Effect, The Zutons, The Hyenas and CRS*
The Ting Tings -
New York Bowery Ballroom, 18th June 2008
Henry Rollins
@ Cardiff Glee Club
Million Pound Give Away
Anna C reviews Million Pound Giveaway and ID Guiness
(a play by Patrick Jones): Cardiff Chapter Arts Centre
Divided We Stand
Glitter Bitch takes a listen to The Vivians, Kat Flint and Levelload
The Rebellion Festival
Bones catches The Dickies, The Rezillos, Anti Nowhere League and more at the Winter Gardens Blackpool, August 2008
Cardiff Big Weekend
Bones watches Glasvegas, Ash, The Young Knives and The Automatic
Raping the stereo
Joey Eyebank reviews Charli XCX, Fucked Up, Brigade, Weezer, Scars on Broadway and um Coldplay
July 2008
Lost For Words - Anna C reviews Jonjo Feather, Stan and Jackdaw4
Feeder - Silent Cry
Soggy Swansea Smile
Rosey R*E*P*E*A*T dodges the downpours with Fuck Dress, Greg McDonald, Weezer, Anti Flag and more
Burn The Witch - Joe Eyebank reviews Pendulum, Kate Nash, Dan le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip, Stone Gods and more
June 2008
Franz Ferdinand
Cardiff The Point, 28.6.08
Burn Cambridge Burn reviewed in Subba-Cultcha
UK Subs / Guns on the Roof
Cardiff Barfly, 25.6.08
Name in Lights -
Boo Hewerdine, The Winter Kings, Paul Richards, Alex Harris and Alighting
Cancer Research UK Charity Gig
Legends Bar, Cambridge - Friday 20th June 2008

Cosycosy / Fuck Dress / The Engineers
Cellar Bar 8, 12.6.08

Robots In Disguise / Sicknote:
Cardiff Clwb Ifor Bach, 01/06/08
MGMT / Florence And The Machine
Brighton Digital 19/05/08
Autons - Election Singer / The Devil In Me
The Great Escape Festival
15th - 17th May 2008 - Brighton
May 2008
Johnny Panic's The Rebel reviewed in Room 13
Ten City Nation's debut album reviewed by Treblezine
Cancer Bats - Cambridge Barfly
Hoover Manoeuvres - Anna C reviews Hoover Manoeuvres, Kunt and the Gang, This Et Al and Unexploded Shells
Jeffrey Lewis: 12 Crass Songs
April 2008
Love Music Hate Racism Carnival, Victoria Park, London
The Courteeners -
Cambridge Junction, 22nd April 2008
Frank Turner, Chris T-T, Alice Wroe
Cambridge Barfly, April 2008
The Subways
Brighton Concorde 2 07/04/08
March 2008
TV Smith and The Bored Teenagers -live DVD
The Hives - We Rule The World
The Cure,
Wembley Arena, 20th March 2008
Gary Numan / South Central
Brighton Dome 12/03/08
Stone Halos? David Pinder reviews Fabien Polair, Duffy, The Beat Maras and Stone Halo.
Supergrass -
The Junction, Cambridge, 16th March 2008
Spit Like This - Fi Beckett reviews Siouxsie, Voodoo Six and Spit Like This
February 2008
Yeti, Cardiff Barfly, 5.2.08
Mark Ronson - Just
Smashing Pumpkins, The O2 Arena, 16.2.08
Black Tide - Light From Above
We Are Not Who You Think We Are: Alan Smith reviews Kunk, 12 Stone Toddler, The Brent Flood, Avalon, The Great St Louis and more
Morrissey's Greatest Hits
Blimey, who'da thunk it? Fi Beckett reviews The Proclaimers, Johnny Foreigner, Eels and Morrissey
British Sea Power / Restless List / Eamon Hamilton
Brighton Digital 01/02/08
January 2008
SIA- Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh
Shame! Steffan Bones reviews BC Camplight, Robots in Disguise, Van Tramp, My Girls and more
Joseph Arthur - Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh 17/11/2007
December 2007
World's End Press - Chris Chinchilla reports from Australia on Bright Yellow, British India, Ernest Ranglin, The Trojan Horns,Plastic Palace Alice, Goofang, Spun Rivals and Worlds End Press.
Marilyn Manson Live @ Wembley Arena
The Wildhearts /Johnny Panic / The Hope
Cambridge Junction, 19.12.07
Hello Wembley
Alan Smith reviews Fahrenheit 451, Hello Wembley, TD Lind, Grace Salero, Hyperbubble and more.
MC5, Sonically Speaking:
A Tale of Revolution and Rock 'n' Roll
November 2007
Patrick Wolf
St Georges Church - Brighton 21/11/07
Out of the Woods and Trees - Chris Chinchilla reports again from Australia
Don't Fucking Care? Rosey reviews The DFCs, We Start Fires, Los Salvadores,Reverend and the Makers and um The Proclaimers and more
We Start Fires - We Start Fires
MR SCRUFF- Club Ego, Edinburgh 18/10/1007
In the City 2007 - Official Fringe Unsigned Showcase
Emily Breeze / Vile Vile Creatures / Fake Tan / Pencil Toes : Peppermint Patti, Cardiff Chapter Arts Centre, 15/09/07
October 2007
You Can Fucking Drive : The R*E*P*E*A*T gulug reviews Ceramic Hobs, Johnny Foreigner, Athlete, Redneck Renegade and more
Johnny Panic's The Good Fight reviewed in Classic Rock
Blood Brothers - Ramone vs Ramone, Ash B Ramone's reviews re-furbished by Joey Eyebank Ramone
Johnny Panic's Dislocation reviewed in Rocksound
Treasured Memories - Alan Smith reviews 12 Stone Toddler, Badly Drawn Boy, 50 Hz, Ben Lee, Hyperbubble, BC Camplight, Paperlung and more
Skins by Gavin Watson
Kaiser Chiefs, Festival Hall
Maximo Park, Prince of Wales, Melbourne
Easy and The Sun
Chris Chinchilla reports from Australia
Manic Street Preachers: Indian Summer
September 2007
Rubble and Shit
Holl(i)y reviews some singles, demos, albums and zines
CRAZY P: Ultragroove@Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh 22/9/07
KORA: Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh 22/9/07
Cease and Desist - Joey Eyebank reviews QOTSA, Breed 77, J and Tat, The Brakes, Bjork, Rise Against, The Noisettes, Sum 41 and more
Burn Cambridge Burn - Reviewed in Rhythm and Booze webzine
Creepy Morons / The Rebel / Gindrinker: Cardiff Clwb Ifor Bach, 14/09/07
Peter O'Neasden reviews
Season two: Filthy Little Angels club singles
Karaoke Fish Tank
Jess Trash reviews Ten Foot Nun, Answers on Postcards, Scrim, Some Velvet Morning and more
Reading Festival 2007
August 2007
On Your Bike Cobie : Cobie reviews The Super Nashwan Kids, Molloy, Dartz, Dirty Hands, Goldspot and more
Hot in the Dolls House : Steffan Bones reviews The Daves, Orange Goblin, Elliot Minor, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Pigeon Detectives and more

Gym Class Hereos - Chris Chinchilla reviews Voxtrot, Jeff Strong, Dead Farmers, Ninety Nine, Institut Polaire and more

Filthy Little Angels Singles collection
Shoulder to Cry On - Fi Beckett reviews Shiny Toy Guns, Kaiser Chiefs, Rosemary, Bloom, Four by Four and more.
KASABIAN- Athena Cinema, Leicester
(Vodafone TBA) 26/7/2007
A Bit of Education - Alan Smith reviews Undercut,James Morrison, Opposite the Hotel, Van Tramp and more
Open Mouth album reviewd in Room 13
July 2007
Shock Defeat - Holl(i)y asks for the sick bucket while reviewing Klaxons, Fallout Boy, The Bravery, Simon Mastrantone and more...
Don't Dance Rattlesnake
Anna C snuggles up to Molloy, The Reverse and The Films
A Beauty to Fight For - Anna C reviews Black Strobe, The Shadow Project and Kate Nash
March of the Lonely reviews Martin Grech, The 69 Eyes, Goldspot and Black Strobe
June 2007
Break Friends / Make Enemies - Alan Smith reviews The Scaramanga Six, Mr Derry, The Pocket Gods, The Dawn Chorus and more.
HARPIES- Lily wry
Stay Beautiful Fanzine
Capital City - Bad Money
Autons Short Term Manifesto reviewed on Teletext
Bit By Bats Chris Chinchilla in Australia reviews Peabody, Intercooler, Bit by Bats and more
About as interesting as Jamie Oliver
Jess Trash
reviews Yes Boss, Santa Dog, CSS, The Neutrinos, and more
Swine and Cockerel - Fi Beckett reviews Elliot Minor, Mybe, The Pigeon Detectives, Balor Knights, Sometree and more...
Los Campesinos!/Help She Can't Swim/Napoleon III: Cardiff The Point, 03/06/07
MAROON 5- It won't be soon before long
BIRDS OF WALES- Fall of the 49 EP
Earth Intruders - Joe 90 takes on Bjork, Caliban, A ight to Remember, Vatican DC and more
STEPHEN FRETWELL- Four letter words EP
Cambridge Junction 24/5/07
May 2007
Manic Street Preachers in Cardiff, 11.5.07, reviewed by Jess Trash
Letter from Australia - Chris Chinchilla stumbles into The Kill Devil Hills, Capital City, Children Collide and more
The Pony Colloboration debut album
Open Mouth - Import / Export reviewed in Drowned in Sound
Autons - Short Term Manifesto reviewed in Amplifier Magazine
Open Mouth - Import / Export reviewed in The Blue Light District
Mark Greaney, Live @ Bristol Thekla Social
May 17, 2007
Gold from Lead - Alan Smith reviews Rotating Leslie, The Mojo Fins, Men in Caves, Passenger, 12 Stone Toddler and more
The Great Escape Festival
17th - 19th May 2007 - Brighton
The Diary Of A Pre-Teen Scene Queen - Joey Eyebank Ramone reviews Ascendia, Send Away the Tigers, Mr Happy Chainsaw, The Khe Sanh, Linkin Park, Brinkman and more
3 INCHES OF BLOOD - Richey Peaches reviews BC Camplight, Bright Eyes, The Vincent Black Shadow, The Noisettes, Hamfatter and more.
Manic Street Preachers,
Cardiff University, 12 May 2007
Slash - Surviving Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver & Rock's Snake Pit a book by Paul Stenning
Maximo Park/Wild Beasts/Art Brut 11/05/07
April 2007
Towers of London, Cardiff Barfly, 02/03/07
Space In The 50's/Kutosis/Tyler Rhys: Cardiff Howard Gardens Tommy's Bar, 27/04/07
Future Of The Left/Alamos/Frommars/Toru:
Joy @ Newport Meze Lounge, 26/03/07
Trivium @ Cambridge Corn Exchange 18th April
Wicked Man's rest : Cobie reviews Passenger, Decora, Things Found in Sharks, IV Thieves and more
Mad Staring Eyes : Joe 90 reviews Harpies, Capdown, Their Hearts Were Full of Spring and more
Never Mind the Banjos : Rosey R*E*P*E*A*T reviews Spraydog, Artichoke, Manic Street Preachers, Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip, Fallout Boy, Klaxons and more
Division of Death : our resident death metal expert Steffan Bones reviews Showstripsilence, Cheope, Division of Death and Annihilator
Fertilize This! Richey Peaches reviews Jub, The Pony Collaboration, Red Jetson, The Conway Story and more
Enter Shikari / Yourcodenameis:milo / Chinese Finger Trap, Cambridge Junction, 26.03.07
Days of Glory : Christophe Chataigné reviews the new film about North African soldiers who liberated France from the Nazis
March 2007
The Gossip live at HMV Oxford Street, 5.3.07
Dexy / Open Mouth single slaughtered on
Dexy / Open Mouth single reviewed in Room 13
Shiny Toy Guns - Cambridge Soul Tree, 21st March 2007
- Cambridge Junction 21/2/07
Dexy / Open Mouth split single reviewed on Drowned in Sound
February 2007
Dexy / Open Mouth split single reviewed in The Devil Has the Best Tuna
Dexy / Open Mouth split single reviewed in God is in the TV
Love Ends Disaster - Ladders
Wicked Man's Rest - Alan Smith reviews Passenger, My Device, Dead or American, OPM and more
Cambridge Junction 13/2/07
Life in Cartoon Motion : Joey Eyebank Ramone reviews Mika, Forget Cassettes and Soular
The Violets - Foreo
The Hope @ The Loft, 15.2.07
Open Mouth / Dexy single reviewed by Rhythm & Booze
Whose Space Is It Anyway? reviewed by Rosey R*E*P*E*A*T
Passing the Buck... Rosey reviews +44, Kunk, The Total Drop, The Horrors, The Mighty Roars, Johnny Panic and more
Open Mouth / Dexy ‘Split’ single reviewed in Maps Magazine
Falling Deeper Under a Spell ... Anna C reviews Richmond Fontaine, Kieran McMahon and Story One
Junction Shed, Cambridge 10/02/2007


Open Mouth / Dexy ‘Split’ single reviewed on Losing Today
Myths of the Near Future: Joey Eyebank reviews The Klaxons, Kaiser Chiefs, The Mighty Roars, The Hours, Bowling for Soup and more
Fatal Taunt, Wednesday, February 06 2007, The Riverside Tavern, Newport
Open Mouth Live review
The Dawn Parade - reviews of our retrospective album
January 2007
Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly @ Cambridge Junction
Cambridge Junction 25/01/07
There's No Escape My Pretties : Joey Eyebank reviews Open Mouth, Twilight Sisters, Saints of Eden, IV Thieves and more
Teenage Kicks 2007 -
Cambridge Corn Exchange 27th January
Shoot Me Down : Anna C deals with Richard Ashcroft and Boy Kill Boy
Dead Identities? Joe 90 reviews Pistols at Dawn, Forward Russia, High Vinyl, Dan Sartain and more
Where's the Rock'n'Roll? Chris Chinchilla reviews Dive Dive, Rose Kemp, The Maccabees, Orphan Boy and more
The Khe Sanh Approach - The Khe Sanh Approach ep
Fightin the Power - Ash B Ramone reviews Fallout Boy, Bowling for Soup, The Destroyed and more
My Little Problem - Alan Smith reviews Bedouin Soundclash, The Librarians, Breed77, Rose Kemp, Cherryade Records and more
Milkwhite Sheets - Anna C reviews Kathryn Williams, Isobel Campbell and Rachelle van Zanten
Nosferatu D2-Album Demos
Blah Blah Blah - 93ft East
December 2006
Johnny Marr : The Smiths and the art of gun slinging A book by Richard Carman
Love Actually? Cobie reviews The Klaxons, The Ordinary Boys, The Super Nashwan Kids and more...
8 Cans Yeah : Holl(i)y reviews The Oxfam Glamour Models, Mercury Tilt Switch, These New Puritans and more
A Real World How To Guide to Success (and Failure) in the Business of Music.
Wembley Arena, December 8th 2006
The Futureheads, The Maccabees and The Enemy, Cambridge Junction, 4.12.06
Welcome to the Black Parade : Joey Eyebank Ramone reviews The Gossip, After 4, The Electric Cinema, The Rapture and yes My Chemical Romance.
The Cure - Festival 2005 DVD
F*ck, I've got a pile of poxy CDs to review… Chris of the Marlings reviews The Holloways, Dead Spies, GeEkgiRL, Bomb Factory, MJ Hibbett and lots more...
The Truth That Hurts : Anna C reviews The Mighty Roars, The Maccabees, +44, Noisettes, The Rapture, The Others and more...
November 2006
Muse, Wembley Arena, London, 23rd November 2006
One Cold Winter's Night : Steffan J reviews Angra, Dialog and Kamelot
Insomniac's Ball
Experiments in Living website
The Truth That Hurts by The Others
The Boy's Back In Town - Ash B Ramone reviews American Hardcore, Jane's Addiction, Moistboyz and more...
Zombie Prom Club - Newport TJ's 14/11/06 - The Physicists, Drunk Granny, Fatal Taunt, Multi Storey Earthworm -
The Long Blondes : Someone to Drive You Home
Johnny Panic at Northampton Soundhaus, October 26th
That's What Rock'n'Roll Can Do... Joe 90 reviews Santa Dog, The Maybes?, Out of Nowhere, GF93, Moistboyz and more...
InME / Dead for a Day / Brigade, Cambridge Junction
Babyshambles : Janie Jones (Strummerville)
October 2006
No Regrets? Holl(i)y reviews Soho Dolls, Dartz, Murder by Death and more singles
Torturing Our Cats - Anna C reviews Silvertop, Luxembourg and Nikola Sarcevic
Johnny Panic, Joseph's Well, Leeds, October 24th
Sohodolls/Ridinghood/Triflesky, Cardiff Barfly, 25.10.06
The High Society: Camden Barfly, 20/10/06
PEACHES/ HUMANZI/ TO MY BOY, The Forum, London 13/10/2006
Johnny Panic, Cardiff Barfly, 13.10.06
Violence and repetition : Chris Chinchilla reveiws Rose Kemp, Bass Clef and Winterkids
The Kooks / Larrikin Love, Cambridge, 14.10.06
Johnny Panic at Cambridge Portland Arms
Trashcan Sinatras? Jessica Trash takes a cautious listen to Plot Against Paris, Fell City Girl, Little Trophy, Biz and more.
Mansun - Legacy
Big Joan, Vile Vile Creatures and Freaky Fortnight reviewed live at Cardiff's PeppermintPatti by Jessica Trash
Sick of DIY? Steff reviews Milburn, Razorlight, Luxembourg, Education, Dirty Pretty Things & more
September 2006
Sexy Butchers: Joey Eyebank Ramone reviews Sexy Butchers, Imperial Vipers, Scissors for Lefty, Kunk, MJ Hibbett and more.
Sound Team - "Movie Monster"
Mattstock : Jessica Trash visits Le Pub and catches Frommars, The Mockingbird Nightmare, Smokehand and The Elephant Rescue Plan
Motorhead's Kiss of Death reviewed by Joey Eyebank Ramone
Yes Boss! Alan Smith gets on with reviewing Yes Boss, Robots in Disguise, Torpedoes, Dead IDentities and more
Backstabber! Joe 90 gets the knives out for The Dresden Dolls, Scissors For Lefty, The Noisettes, Zeeb and more...
Join the Rebellion? Anna C reviews Sean Lennon, Deadspies, Knights and The 45 Rebellion
Peppermint Patti presents (hooker)/Poppy and the Jezebels/Look Look (Dancing Boys)/The Smears live in Cardiff
Trivium : The Mark of Perseverance a book by Joe Shooman
August 2006
Screaming Tarts : The Album, Costar and Rotating Leslie reviewed by Anna C
Drunks and Plastic Knives
Fi Beckett gets happy together with Johnny Panic, Pisco Sour Hour, Kezi Silverstone and an Anarcho-punk compilation
The Living Room Live CD reviewed by Chris Marling
Therapy? - One Cure Fits All

The Coup and Common Market reviewed by Phil Rose esq

July 2006
Hot Wigs - Joe 90 reviews the likes of Jaed, Archstanton, 100 Bullets Back, Grande Cobra and more
Humanzi - Tremors
The Resistance reviewed on
Nicky Wire at Stay Beautiful, Purple Turtle, London, 03/07/06
Right Here in Hollywood - a book about System of a Down by Ben Myers, reviewed by Rosey R*E*P*E*A*T
R*E*P*E*A*T Presents Ten Foot Monster, Ascendia, Crudearm and The Alpha Beaters
Something Incredible This Way Comes - Ash B Ramone reviews a new book on My Chemical Romance
James Dean Bradfield's The Great Western reviewed by Fi Beckett
But what has Myspace ever done for us? Chris Marling reviews Rosalita, Kat Flint, The Summer Bullets, Alpha Road and more
Slow Bullet - Anna C reviews The Slide and The LOngcut
Killing the Summer - Fi Beckett reviews The Fallout Trust, Circlesound, Devil in Miss Jones and more
BEING 747- Health and safety
June 2006
Kill The Pop Scene - Joey Eyebank Ramone reviews Towers of London, Dirty Pretty Things and Fall Out Boy
Snowfight in the CD Player : Chris Chinchilla reviews Larrikin Love, At The Lake, Roland Shanks, The Scare and Snowfight in the City Centre
Love, Peace, Pain ... Alan Smith reviews Public Symphony, Zeeb, Huski, Def Leppard (!) and more
Ash and Burn - Ash B Ramone Reviews The Automatic, Razorlight, Dirty Pretty Things, Morning Runner, Graham Coxon and more
Nicky Wire and the Secret Society Band at Hay on Wye Festival
Autons - Snakes reviewed by God is in the TV
James Dean Bradfield solo show in Manchester, 22.5.06
Kind of Pointless? Album reviews of Foma, Stasi, Adem and The Longcut by Holl(i)y
MILBURN/ SCULLY Soul Tree, Cambridge 31/5/06
Champion Kickboxer - Perforations
Oh Fracas - Holl(i)y reviews demos and singles from, amongst others, Love Ends Disaster, Soho Dolls, Rory McVicar and O Fracas
High Voltage - Joey Eyebank Ramone reviews the Kerrang! 25th anniversary CD, Mark Morrison, China Grove, Litterbug and more
Towers of London, Bedford, 7.6.06
Long Time Coming - Chris Marling reviews Humanzi, Josh Doyle, Morning Runner, The Bleeding Hearts, The Conway Story and more
May 2006
Broken Boy Soldiers - Joey Eyebank Ramone reviews The Raconteurs, Dirty Pretty Things, Muse, Panic at the Disco and more
A Different Kind of Love ... Richey Peaches reviews The Statiks, Wrath Records, Furious Sleep and lots more
PAOLO NUTINI- Portland Arms, Cambridge 25/5/06
The Great Escape Festival, 18th - 20th May 2006 - Brighton
GINA VILLALOBOS/ THE LATE RISERS- The Loft, Cambridge 19/5/06
Circus of Death - Anna C risks injury reviewing demos from Circus of Death and Zuma
NME New Music Tour - Boy Kill Boy / iForward, Russia! / The Automatic / The Long Blondes Cambridge Junction 16th May 2006 by CHris Marling
23 Albums and What Do You Get? Chris Marling reviews Jaed, Gary Numan, Richard Ashcroft, Depeche Mode, The Fondas and exactly 18 more albums
I Swear I Was There - David Nolan's book about The Sex Pistols at The Free Trade Hall, June 4th 1976
Stadium Arcadium - Joey Eyebank Ramone reviews The Chilli Peppers, Tool, Anti-Flag and more
NME New Music Tour - Boy Kill Boy / iForward, Russia! / The Automatic / The Long Blondes Cambridge Junction 16th May 2006 by Richard Bull
View from the trenches - R*E*P*E*A*T's Birthday gig reviewed by Dodecahedron Ramone
Who's A Terrorist Now? Chris Chinchilla reviews The Playwrights, Scully, Broken Family Band and Jim Noir
Dresden Dolls, Cambridge Junction, 10.05.06
Stuck between a rock 'n' roll and a hardcore place - Anna C reviews The Mergatroid, Ray Brower, Howling Bells and Martha Swanson/ Jennifer Hall
Pix from R*E*P*E*A*T's 10th birthday gig
Swearing at art students - Anna C reviews Elle Milano, The Playmates, Julie Collings and more
April 2006
I Am Error - Alan Smith reviews Fell City Girl, Warren Suicide, The Delilahs, The Lodger and more
Cambridge Evening News reviews R*E*P*E*A*T Junction gig, April 25th
Project 90... Joe 90 reviews Graham Coxon, The Dresden Dolls, The Utopians, Dirty Pretty Things and more
Placebo - London Alexandra Palace,
11th April 2006
BathtubShitter Dance Hall Grind
Russell T reviews amongst others Jaed, Dance to the Radio, Cool Ethan and um... BathtubShitter!
Run to the Hills - Alan Smith reviews Morning Runner, Babar Luck, Buzzcocks, The Somatics, Cadillac and more
What's Your Poison? Holl(i)y reviews the likes of Oom, Ruby Tombs, Autons, Little Joe Zero, Heartwear Process and more.
AB/CD - As Easy as AB/CD
Graham Coxon in Brighton
Looking for the Peaches... Anna C reviews, amongst others, Sliced Peaches, Lovemat, Beangrowers, Fahnrenheit451, Action Directe, Gary Numan and um... Brian and Roger
AB/CD CD launch
March 2006
Joe 90 - R*E*P*E*A*T's most special agent reviews Warren Suicide, Morning Runner, The Autons and more
The Delays in Bristol
Gear live at The Junction
Platinum Blondes - Happy Mondays, B-Movie and London's Finest 1980s collections
Zine and Heard - Fanzines Beat Motel and Thee Humbug reviewed
Ready to Roll - Joey Eyebank Ramone reviews Antony Costa, Conscious Pilot, Patrolman Pete and more.
Politics and Cigarettes - Holl(i)y reviews The Voom Blooms, Pilots of the Sixth, Black Ramps, Enid Blitz, The Horse and His Boy and more.
The Horse and His Boy - 'Relics'
The Creme de la Cambridge - Chris Marling reviews new offerings from The Broken Family Band, The Pony Collaboration, Rob Jackson, Conscious Pilate and more
February 2006
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Brighton, February 9th
Rosey R*E*P*E*A*T reviews The Resistance, Jaed and The Buzzcocks
Bound Together - A Book About The Libertines
Honey,We're Going Down - Anna C reviews Fallout Boy, N1cki and Cherubs
January 2006
Take Yer Dead Ass Home - Holl(i)y reviews J Edgar hoova, My Device, Dead Next Door and more
Taking Back Sunday / Beat Union, Norwich, 27.1.06
WE START FIRES- Hot Metal / CADILLAC- Wilder than this
'Basement Jacks' - Matt Absymal reviews Mogwai and The Boyfriends
'Funky As Fudge'- Holl(i)y reviews The Mules, The Resistance, Valentine Stitch and more
December 2005
R*E*P*E*A*T Anti Christmas Party in Pictures
System of a Down : Hypnotize / Mezmerize
Suicidal Birds / Teevo
Walking on the Beaches - Richey Peaches reviews Amplifier, The Automatic, Mike Oldfield, Tommy Lee, Bloodhound Gang and more.
The Killers : Vagabonds and Victims, a book by Jimmy Ramsay
Joe Patrol : Joey Eyebank Ramone reviews Martha Dump Truck, Biz, Pilots of the Sixth, Whisky Cats and more
Blatherings from a Hairy Mouth - Chris Marling reviews the likes of Chris T-T, The Singing Adams, Bloodhound Gang and more.
The Black Tulips / Miss Pain live, 1/12/05
R*E*P*E*A*T Issue 23 and Robots and Electronic Brains reviewed in Cambridge Evening News
The Visions : Into the Nightlife
The Vichy Government : Elvis and The Beatles/Luke Haines is Dead
Stellastarr* and The Sounds, London Metro Club, Oxford Street

November 2005
The Best of Kisrty MacColl
Toasted Heretic : Now In New Nostalgia Flavour
Protohero - Tu Madre
Dizzee Rascal, Cardiff
Dear Cambridge La La La Launch Party
Boy Kill Boy, Cambridge Soul Tree
Bloc Party, Bristol Academy
New Order - Brixton Academy, 10th November 2005
Hard-Fi, Cambridge Junction, 2.11.05
The Ordinary Boys, Newcastle, 28.10.05
My Chemical Romance, Brixton Academy, 4.11.05
Teenage Kicks
Cambridge Unsigned Bands & International Special Guests, Cambridge Corn Exchange
Joey of the 4th Form - Joey Eyebank Ramone takes no prisoners with The Paddingtons, Army of One, Warren Suicide, The Conway Story, The Morenas and lots more
Editors / Be Your Own PET (MTV2 Gonzo On Tour Show)
You've driven for miles and not remembered a thing
League of Gentlemen, Cambridge Corn Exchange
October 2005
Franz Ferdinand : You Could Have It So Much Better
Anna Sees The Menace: Anna C reviews The Menace, New Order, Glass Factory, Vena Cava and Atlantis Black
Silver Sun : Immediate
The Cohort Effect, Little Hope, Alpha Road and Ascendia, R*E*P*E*A*T new bands night, 17.10.05
Arctic Monkeys, Cardiff, 9.10.05
Babyshambles, Brixton Academy, 11.10.05
The Paddingtons : Sorry
Miss Black America's 'Terminal' reviewed in Zero Magazine
October All Over : Anna C reviews October All Over, Former Cell Mates and RachelAPP
Editors, Cambridge Junction
Outsider - Understanding EP
The Rogers Sisters : Emotion Control
Let's Twist Again : Holl(i)y reviews Zombina and the Skeletones , The Black Tulips and Tommy Twist& the Jive
Empty Vessels: Sheraz Qureshi reviews Empty Vessels, My Visor, Casual Saints and more.
'Glad To See You Joe' - Joey Eyebank Ramone reviews The Warlocks, Inme, The Composers and more
September 2005
The Undertones, Cambridge Junction, September 2005
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and Power Solo, Brighton
Goldie Looking Chain : Safe As Fuck
Miss Black America at Cambridge Moon, September 2005
Pocket Revolution - Matt Abysmal reviews dEUS and Spyamp
Bomb Factory : God Loves Us and He Hates You
The Paddingtons 'First Comes First'
Editors, Proud Galleries, Camden, September 12th
Beat on the Brat - Joey Eyebank Ramone reviews We Are Scientists, Imogen Heap, Hey Negrita, Black Cougar Shock Unit, The Raiders of Rock'n'Roll and more
Volunteers 'Know YOurself' reviewed in tasty Fanzine
Richey Manic Night at The Portland Arms
Get Loaded in the Park 2005
Terminal reviewed in Cambridge Evening News
Message in a Bottle - Fi Beckett reviews Millionaire, The Delights, Alpha Road and more
Reading Festival 2005 reviewed by Alan Smith
Marling Calling : Chris Marling writes about Billy No Mates, Corporation:Blend, Horace X, The Shivers, Cortez and more
August 2005
Rising Stars 2 - Various Artists
Soft Core Indie Porn? Sheraz Qureshi reviews Hard Fi, The Cinematics, Millionaire and more
Chapter of Accidents : Holl(i)y reviews C-Jags, Corporation:Blend, Cortez and Morning Runner
Cosy Cosy, Polariss and Sound City Riot Act, Portland Arms, 20.8.05
Miss Black America's Terminal and Dot Dot Dot reviewed in Black Velvet
Coldplay : Fix You
We Are Scientists : Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt
Johnny Panic's Automatic Healer
Miss Black America's Terminal reviewed on Whisperin and Holerin
Idlewild in Berlin, May 2005
Public Enemy's Greatest Hits
Beat Motel #2
Screaming Tarts album
Folk Off! The Cambridge Folk Festival
The Levellers' Truth and Lies
Manic Street Preachers at Cambridge Corn Exchange
July 2005
Ladytron, Millionaire and We Are Scientists
Snuff - Six of One, Half a Dozen of the Other 1986-2002 (Fat Wreck Chords)
Electric Soft Parade live in Brighton, 7.7.05
Hot Hot Heat live in Orlando, July 13th
Volunteers 'Know Yourself' reviewed in Cambridge Evening News
All That Ever Mattered - Anna C Reviews The Morenas, Funeral for a Friend, Cherubs, Meadowman and Spooky HiFi
Volunteers 'Know Yourself' reviewed on Drowned in Sound
Volunteers 'Know Yourself' reviewed on Room 13
What's the glory Conway Story..? Anna C reviews Conway Story and The Shivers
Hey Ho Let's Joe - R*E*P*E*A*T's newest and youngest reviewer lays into some CDs
Volunteers 'Know Yourself' reviewed on Heavy Discipline
Green Day - American Idiots and the New Punk Explosion - a book by Ben Myers
Ryan Adams'Cold Roses & Tom McCrae's All Maps Welcome
Miss Black America's 'Terminal' reviewed in Room 13
Volunteers 'Know Yourself' reviewed in Bury Free Press
June 2005
Towers of London / Johnny Panic, Cambridge Junction, 13.6.05
Miss Black America's 'Terminal' reviewed in Rock Sound
H Block 101 - Human Jetsom
Edible Flowers - Anna C writes about Terrorvision, The Finn Brothers, Rinaldi Sings, Sandira and Alterkicks
Teenage Fanclub at Cambridge Junction, 18.5.05
Miss Black America's 'Dot Dot Dot' reviewed in Rock Sound
Miss Black America's 'Dot Dot Dot' reviewed in Heavy Discipline Fanzine
Motley Crue - If I Die Tomorrow; Metztelen Ebed - Karmatologus; Vibration White Finger - 5 Minutes To Live ep; The Scaeramanga Six - Horrible Face; Beat Poet demo; Radio Lucifer sampler
HAL/ FIONN REGAN- The Academy @ APU, Cambridge 19/05/05
Electrelane, Scout Niblett & The Legend!, Hove
May 2005
Of Montreal - The Sunlandic Twins
Smother Great White Hoax
Porcupine Tree at Cambridge Junction, April 2005
CALVOON- Come on
Miss Black America's Dot Dot Dot
Mama Scuba, ‘El Shake.’
Idlewild, Bristol, 10.4.05
The Frames, Cambridge Junction, 26.04.05
Sunshine on the Westley World - reviews of Sunshine, The Cribs and Thee Unstrung
The Ordinary Boys, The Cribs and The Explosion live
Manic Street Preachers, Cambridge Corn Exchange, by Holl(i)y
Manic Street Preachers at Brangwyn Hall, Swansea
Pink Grease at APU
Stone Devils demo
New Order - Waiting for the Sirens' Call
Kaiser Chiefs - Employment
Bad Education DVD review
Interpol @ House of Blues, Orlando, FL - 20/3/05

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