Futureheads w/ The Maccabees
Cambridge Junction

I don't think I've ever seen The Junction this packed, the air is filled with expectation, but there's one thing, nobody seems to be talking about the headliners, everyone you walk past seems to be talking about The Maccabees, The Futureheads main support tonight, so lets see what all the fuss is about.

First strolling (or should I say aggressively power walking) are The Enemy, and they really do think they're something special, with a lead guitarist with Burberry collar up and bassist with fag on (ohh rebel), they really are as dull and conventional as their appearance. The singer really needs to work on his 'in-between song banter', because shouting at the audience aggressively and saying that you're playing alright just don't cut it mate, and I can assure you, you're not playing alright. Next.


Up next are The Maccabees, to say the place is hectic is an understatement, then it comes to my surprise that they then play a set of what can only be called laid-back indie, there is no urgency to music that you think could spark such a response, but the reason it has is because its so bloody good. There's something quirky and charismatic about the band which means you just can't take your eyes off them, which goes for the entire venue, and The Futureheads must be wondering how the hell they're going to follow that up.

And to be honest, they don't. They're playing very well but they don't seem to have the support that The Maccabees, because lets face it, everyone's only here for 'Hounds Of Love'. As they come onstage the applause is the same as on a shite TV show, lifeless and somewhat forced, its obvious there's a few die-hard fans here tonight, judging by same two voices screaming like loonies the entire set. Dull crowd aside though, The Futureheads do manage to play a good set, and as the set grows, so does the response of the audience, and by the end it looks like everyone here is having a good time. But then The Futureheads show the most diabolical set planning I have ever seen, one song in from the end they play 'Hounds Of Love', and of course the response is insane, but to say the place stays full afterwards would be a complete lie, and also proves to be an extremely anti-climatic encore.

Overall a good night, that just ran out of steam.

Joe 90