New Order - Brixton Academy, 10th November 2005

You have to feel a bit sorry for New Order. You know that group of old men who have had a bit too much to drink and start dancing to impress young girls? That's New Order. Bernard and Hooky are there grinding away on the dancefloor yelping at the top of their voice. You know it's wrong but everyone's too polite to tell them to stop. Mind you, they did put out some shit-hot records once upon a time...

Tonight's gig is one of only two (the other being in Manchester the following night) to celebrate New Order's induction into the UK music hall of fame. Having now seen New Order, there are a few things you should be aware of: Over-enthusiastic howls of "Wooo!" and bad dancing from Bernard is one and Hooky's groin being far too close to the floor is another. Of course, the biggest worry is whether they'll play much new stuff? Will we get some Joy Division? Will Brixton Academy actually manage to get some decent sound coming out of its PA system for once? But probably most importantly, just how long can they make "Blue Monday" last for tonight? My guess is well over a decade.

Bernard Sumner is quite possibly the nicest man in rock. At regular intervals tonight he asks how we're all doing. "You all okay out there, thanks for coming, we really appreciate this tonight, thanks.." blah blah blah. At one point he even says (to the entirety of Brixton Academy) that if "you go to the bar at the end (of the gig) there'll be a drink for you from me and Hooky". Now that's generosity for you.

The set pretty much covers their entire career including stuff from way way back even before Joy Division. "Ceremony" is a good one to open with but it isn't until they get to "Regret" that everything get's into full gear. "Transmission" see's Bernard possessed by the spirit of Ian Curtis during the "Dance, Dance, Dance, Dance, Dance to the radio!" bit (how ironic for a man who would lose a dancing competition to someone who was on fire). "Love Will Tear Us Apart" is almost perfect apart from the lack of the synthesizer line leading into the song. In the encore they do "Warsaw" which Bernard mentions was one of their very first songs which "shit bands like Green Day are trying to do now". For the last song we're given the choice of "Atmosphere" or "She's Lost Control" Brixton unanimously decides for the latter. When it's all done and over, Bernard thanks us all for coming (again) and they skulk offstage to go and drink some tea. Or play Monopoly. Or whatever it is you do when you're in New Order.

All in all a great night. Nothing beats getting down to that 80's dancefloor and strutting your funky stuff with a load of 50 year old men.



Love Vigilantes






Your Silent Face

Waiting For The Sirens Call

True Faith

Bizarre Love Triangle

Love Will Tear Us Apart


Blue Monday




She's Lost Control

Richard Bull

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