I'm a tosser.

For a long time R*E*P*E*A*T had a website which was nice. But it was just there and no one really cared for it or loved it like they should. This is not that site. People (we) love this site.

What this old site did have was a god-awful message board where people with too much time on their hands could go and whine incessantly about their latest fave innocuous and harmless indie pop pap.
La de bloody dah.

So there's none of that nonsense here. If you must have a whine and a whinge, here's some places you might want to start:

If you want to talk about music take a look at

There's also a fairly lively and intelligent Cambridge based discussion board at http://www.wereallneighbours.co.uk/bboard/



I'm a tosser.
(C/o the old site)