Feeder - Silent Cry
Reviewed by Grace


Silent Cry is Feeder's sixth album, I enjoyed Pushing the Senses but, for some reason, to me this album sounds better - that's only my opinion though! They haven't quite got to the level of The Manic Street Preachers or other big bands, but there is something special about them…

Here's some personal highlights…

Itsumo, this song opens with some amazing guitar licks and is a song about
about a Love that has failed.

Miss You- For me was kinda Foo-Fighters sort of thing going on here, I think someone else said that too, and sees Grant and Taka and Animal (he's kinda like Animal from the muppets who lets it rip on those drums!!)('er Mark) go back to their great era of say Buck Rogers, when the band wrote catchy
songs, this also has loud guitars and I Love Loud Guitars. Feeder are one of my top ten bands so, this album is a fresh start for me - PTS was a good album but, this one just so much more Feeder.
Doing their own thang!!

Silent Cry is a success just to me if not anyone else, but, to be honest I like Music cos I like it, not because someone else says its good. The great mix of Guitars and strings always proves well with me, just like The Manics do, the chorus in this song is pretty damned good as well, I rank Grant as a really talented lyricist I always like hearing what he has to say.

Heads Held High -Amazing song really liked this one. Grant for me is like Bono lyrically.

Into The Blue-goes back to Feeder's Rock roots Yay! I love it when they lay on the Guitars!! We want more guitars, this is definitely a stadium filler song, I can't wait to hear these songs live. I must be quicker at booking tickets for these guy's they sell out quick its unbelievable!!

Well, thank you Rosey, as you know I don't like to do a track by track guide, it's an amazing album go buy it.

Rating? hmm...I'll give 5/5 for this one lads, yes, you guessed it, 5 golden stars! Aren't I a generous person!!

Grace x