The Wildhearts /Johnny Panic / The Hope
Cambridge Junction, 19.12.07
A Benefit for Love Music Hate Racism

(from a piece on 'Cultural Events of the Year' in the Cambridge Evening News)

Perhaps I'm big of head or maybe short of memory (probably both!), but I'd like to nominate last Sunday's Love Music Hate Racism gig with The Wildhearts, Johnny Panic and The Hope.

Ginger and Scott Wildheart show their support for the cause.

All 3 bands played storming sets, and proved that there is still life in the old baying beast we like to call rock'n'roll. The Hope showed off their energetic, dirty mix of politics, sex and sleaze in a brutal headcharge of a set, high on passion, low on apathy.

The Hope -

Johnny Panic have been called a punk rock band with a social conscience, but their set showcased the immensity of their talents for a tune - dynamism, sincerity and great choruses, what more could you ask for in a band?

Johnny Panic -

And then the Wildhearts. Combining everything that makes rock music mad, bad and dangerous to know with the sweetest 3 part harmonies known to humanity, the Wildhearts really are a modern miracle of breakdown, break-up and then survival. Against all the odds.

As Ginger said, the sound of a cranked up Gibson through a Marshall stack can still excite after all these years, and these three bands showed that there is indeed a future for intelligent, streetwise, literate, dangerous rock'n'roll.

Rosey R*E*P*E*A*T

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