Linkin Park
Road To Revolution: Live At Milton Keynes

A disappointing album if you ask me.

I was really looking it, wanting it to be something awesome, something beyond most band’s music.

However when I pressed play, it always seemed to be missing something. In the chorus a big loud noise, in the verse something else, it just doesn't live up to expectations.

This mostly came down to the drums not being loud enough! I mean most of the music was very catchy and had cool tunes which stayed in my head, but then every time the loud chorus came. My second complaint is about 'Numb', which I think is a great song, and I love the version with Jay-Z in it as well, but the live version here was shit as they changed the songn and ruined it. This annoyed me a lot 'cause it’s my favourite song by them!

Overall I thought this album was quite disappointing and hope what ever they do next they listen to my very valid and valuable opinions, ha ha!

By Rhodri Pickles Ramone