The Horse & His Boy - 3 track demo
(R*E*P*E*A*T records)
1 Relics
2 Don't Need Eyes
3 So Unnatural

Rising from the ashes of The Virgin Suicides, Dickon James Collinson and Tom Blake have laid their souls bare once again to bring us this quite beautiful 3-track demo,which, after being played constantly for two days isn't nearly enough. The cd's inlay bears the words of Emily Bronte's 'Remembrance' and I can't think of anything more apt, as this completely reflects the songs, as if Dickon and Tom have set it to music. And this is why it's hard to separate it into individual songs because they seem inextricably bound together by love, regret and disillusionment. Barely a minute into the title track and I'm covered in goosebumps and in tears, such is the combined effect of the lush strings and plaintive vocals which rise to a kind of anguished howl in parts. And this is before I've even begun to decipher the lyrics! Which, for the most part I find almost impossible as they're mostly sung in quite resigned, lamenting tones, almost as if uttering them would open up old wounds and cause the singer actual pain. Though two lines I did catch sum up this demo completely - "The relics will never disappear..." and "Don't need eyes to know you're gone...". But it really doesn't matter about words because the haunting guitar and piano tell the story all by themselves. I think this must be what heartbreak sounds like...

Fiona Beckett

'Relics' is released on April 6th and will be available for download from The Big Badger Recording Co and by mail order through R*e*p*e*a*t.

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