The Paddingtons - First Comes First

Sometimes an album comes along that is everything you hoped it would be. And this is one of those.

From the opening urgent strums of 'Some Old Girl', The Paddingtons show themselves a band on a mission. And part of that mission is to stand out in the post Libertines mess of guitar bands where outfits as bland as The Arctic Monkeys can be hailed as some kind of saviours. The rest of that mission seems to be to create a debut album of rare quality, combining punk energy with an ear for a highly memorable tune, fusing 'the viciousness of the Sex Pistols with the wisdom of The Clash', according to The Daily Star.

The Paddingtons are a pure pop, high energy incendiary punka bomb of loud guitars, Hull accents, full throttle rhythms and killer tunes, I've had several of their ditties going round and round in my head for weeks. Every track's a winner, but my personal favourites include the fizz-pop of forthcoming single 'Sorry', the fantastic C86 brass at the start of '50 to a £', and the no holds barred melodo-punk of 'Some Old Girl'.

If there's any justice in the world (there isn't) this album will indeed see The Paddingtons firmly in first place.

'First Comes First' is released on October 31st, with a tour preceding it, including a date at Cambridge Junction on October 4th


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