Oh yeah! A collection of the best band to come out of Australia's (yep- even better than ROSE TATTOO!) EP from between 1996 and 2001. I remember
the first time I heard H-BLOCK 101- I was just a kid and they blew me away with their style- I had never heard such free punk rock.they take influences from all over and do what they want. There's hints of the CLASH, HEARTBREAKERS, CHEAP TRICK, DEAD BOYS, THE BOYS, BUZZCOCKS, STIFF
LITTLE FINGERS.all rolled up into pure energy rock n roll. This collects 26 tracks from 5 Eps including covers of the CLASH, JIMMY CLIFF, ROSE
TATTOO, JOHNNY THUNDERS, THE RUTS and SPLIT ENZ. Fuckin fantastic CD here.amazing song-writing and absolute fun. this is urgent and crucial listening!! Also comes with a 12-page killer booklet.

Album available from www.madbutcher.de