CALVOON- Come on

This is one of those songs when you just might be able to guess the title if you didn't already know it. You know, it has a hopelessly repetitive and sing-a-long chorus. But it works. Exciting, energetic and bordering essential, this quartet's debut release through Joyrider Record has an arrogant swagger which the cool kids will wrap their gum round their fingers in time to, putting me in mind of The Vines challenging some beefy Geordie to an arm wrestle. Because everything about Calvoon is big: I'm talking vocals, harmonies and giant riffs and beats, and it is these things that make this the simple and effective no-strings-attached rock joy that is impossible to hate even if you try. At least, it makes me feel quite bouncy, which can only be a good thing.

You can buy this single right this minute because I've just been really busy and so this review is a little late.

Anna C.