STEPHEN FRETWELL- Four letter words EP

The definition of melancholy according to Wikipedia (the free encyclopedia): "a feeling of thoughtful sadness". Which really sums this up nicely. Though, while Mr Fretwell may not really sound unlike any other fairly sad man with an acoustic guitar, this doesn't mean he's not deserving of your attention. In fact, on the strength of opening track "The Scheme", he should command it. Lazy and laidback complements helplessly human and a mystical and hypnotic vocal quality akin to only an acutely depressed Eddie Vedder (only sounding affected on the odd occasion), a theme continuing to the poetic "William Shatner's dog" thus confirming that here might be the only man from Scunthorpe who understands the power of emotion. Which could end up being extremely cathartic or have you pulling yourself back up the cliff by your fingernails. Perhaps worth a listen either way.

Released 7th May, 2007

Anna C