Miss Black America : Terminal
Reviewed in Zero Magazine

It's not easy being a young British band, especially considering the wash of such bands in today's music market. It's equally as not easy trying to capture a sound to set yourself from said bands. But Miss Black America just about manage to, mixing ambient soundscapes and multi layered guitars with vocals that wouldn't amiss on an Incubus album.

Instead of trying to force a huge amount of unusual instruments into each song, singer / rhythm guitarist Seymour Glass and lead guitarist Matt Anthony use sparse layered guitar sounds to thicken their sound and to add a new ingredient to their milk shake - every song heralds hidden melodies and harmonies between well constructed hooks, allowing vocals to touch with passages of quite tasteful guitar and create a quite unique sound.

'Dot Dot Dot' is a definitive sample of this album, cutting modern vocals with seemingly old school blues licks in a big rhythmic melting pot - a definite winner. 'Freefall' brings on thoughts of Incubus in terms of melody versus heaviness, and definitely kicks the door down for Miss Black America's entry to the contemporary music scene. All in all, a varied and aurally pleasing effort suited to almost anyone who likes modern music.


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