Capital City - Bad Money

Reading Chris Chinchilla's review of a Capital City gig he sent me from Australia (see it here) inspired me to check out the band on Myspace. I so loved their mix of chiming, chunky guitars and a lovely whirly organ on the track 'Let's Throw Our Love Away' that I added it as our profile song on Myspace. And today I got this exciting parcel from Australia, and here's their album.

And does it live up to expectations? Fair dinkum (or some other stereotyped sound) it does! As I said, it has these really lovely fat (and phat) guitars, whose accompaniment with the chirping swirling organ pushes the songs on in a manner reminiscent of late 80s New Zealand Flying Nun bands - The Chills, The Bats or The Verlaines spring to mind.

However, the whole thing is dragged into the distraught naughties on the best of the tracks by an urgent, almost shouty vocal, some frantic riffing and some desperate, at the edge lyrics, the sort of thing The Gallows would be aiming for, if they were looking to duet with The Jesus and Mary Chain at Download.

In fact I bought The Gallow's Abandon Ship today, which I love. Only on hearing this, it doesn't sound quite so special. Which is perhaps the highest praise I can give.

Overcome national boundaries and pay some Bad Money to visit Capital City today (groan).


Rosey R*E*P*E*A*T

You can buy this CD from Amazon here