The Junction, Cambridge, 16th March 2008

So. Can it really be 14 years since Supergrass came along to the Britpop party with their teeth nice and clean? 14 years, (which for this writer is quite literally over half of his life) a lot of which kind of fell off the popular radar. Having headlined their very own Wembley show years back I kind of wonder why they are playing in a shithole like the Junction. But oh yes, it is because it is fun. And that ladies and gentlemen is Supergrass in a nutshell. Let's dispense with the indie cool here shall we? I do not subscribe to the NME*.

I'll be honest. I've never really been a huge follower of Supergrass. It isn't that I ever inherently didn't like them, just more a case of, erm, well... Basically "Alright" used to drive me batshit. I am someone who does does not let a grudge go easy. But after more than a decade of being bitter and twisted about such matters, y'know what? I have decided to give them another chance. Yes, yes, I know. I am too generous for my own good. I am cursed.

Opening with "Diamond hoo ha man" is always going to be a good thing. It is like the bastard lovechild of Wolfmother and The White Stripes. And Jaysus, a video screen at the Junction? Wonders will never cease. Predictably the biggest crowd singalongs go to the older songs which they save for the end although Richard III goes down a storm in the middle.

A lot of more recent songs are played but that is expected what with this being a warm up show for the tour proper (April kids, buy your tickets now,
second date announced at the Astoria, before it shuts).

Culminating in a whammy of hits ("Moving", "Sun Hit's the Sky" and "Pumping On Your Stereo") the Grass leave the stage only to come back with an encore finishing with the classic "Caught By The Fuzz".

I have always thought of Supergrass as a kind of cartoon character band. But tonight ladies and gentlemen, I was proved wrong. The Grass are ace. It is a simple fact. I Should Coco.

Richard Bull

Thanks to Fleur for the tickets.

* There simply is no need. I just rob all of my information from the website.

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