Angry Liberal Records and R*E*P*E*A* (home of the recent acclaimed Dawn Parade compilation, reviewed on this very website) have joined together to release a joint EP featuring two of London's finest singer-songwriters.

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Open Mouth
The first of the artists featured on here is Open Mouth (Seymour Patrick), the frontman of Rhythm & Booze faves Miss Black America. Seymour is set to release two Open Mouth albums by the end of this year, he offers up two tracks on here as a taster for the first album Import/Export which is set to be released at the end of April.

The first of Seymour's tracks is Castle Keep, it opens with a delicate plucked guitar and a wonderful passionate croon before he adds subtle layers of electric guitar and harmonised vocals. The song continues to build from it's humble beginnings as Seymour adds electronics and layers of effects, creating an epic and passionate journey that ebbs and flows before closing in much the way it began. Castle Keep is yet another stunning showcase of Seymour's musical abilities, the song is soaked in emotion and delivered with conviction, if you've never heard Open Mouth then you should track this down as a perfect introduction. If that was not enough Seymour also show's of his instrumental side with his second track 327, it's a short moving guitar piece that has something of a cinematic post rockfeel, it instantly has the listener dreaming up a movie to play alongside the intriguing little soundscape. 327 show's something of a different side to Open Mouth and perhaps a hint of a future direction.

Dexy is something of a new name to me, he's a South London singer-songwiter who first began to write songs to quench his thirst to perform. Dexy has only been performing for a year but has already appeared on the same bill as Bob Dylan and has also supported The Spinto Band, who fell in love with Dexy's alternative pop. Dexy has also received plaudits from both Artrocker magazine and Time Out, with the latter going as far as to say that Dexy is one to watch for 2007.

The two tracks on here are a fantastic introduction to the brilliant new talent that is Dexy. The first of his duo of tracks, Waiting For An Accident is a quirky poppy number that begins with a strummed acoustic guitar and a nice touch of harmonica before a full band join in for the infectious bittersweet chorus. The track is driven onwards by a simplistic piano riff and pounded drums whilst Dexy delivers an irristiable and passionate vocal. Asleep In Your Attic, is a slower, delicate acousitc number infused with wheezing harmonica and a breathtaking, heart tugging vocal that aches with emotion.

I have to say that this duel artist EP is an essential purchase it highlights two of the best singer-songwriters around, both Open Mouth and Dexy are well worthy of your attention and as introductions go you can't fault this release.

Rhythm & Booze Rating 10

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Reviewed on Rhythm & Booze by Will Munn