Beat Motel issue 2

This really is a very good fanzine.

Not just for its musical content - interviews with The Ballistics, Kyuss, Junk Culture, and The Big, a fair smattering of reviews and the best and most horizon-widening fanzine reviews I've read in a long time, but also for what other zines might just see as the extras, which in fact make up the bulk of this publication.

What editor Andrew Culture has managed to do very successfully is to persuade a host of contributors, some from other zines, websites, bands and labels, to submit thoughtful, intelligent, well written, amusing, thought provoking and sometimes controversial articles on an incredibly wide range of subjects. These include Straight Edge, Tescos, the pigeon holing of bands and scenes, parliamentary democracy, the need to play music LOUD, Myspace, recording techniques, recycling, Indonesia and 'Of Burberry and Puberty'. There's even a reply from someone who seems to be a Tory free marketer responding to a piece of mine about Fighting the Power in the last issue. All these writers make you want to read on, they engage you and you become genuinely interested in their point of view. Top stuff.

If this wasn't enough, there's also a whole lot of other 'random crap' including The Best Agony Aunt, some stories, and a whole page of silly, but sadly, apparently true, anecdotes about Poo.

As I was saying, Beat Motel is really a very good fanzine.

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