Humanzi - Tremors

This is a big, loud, aggressive and frankly, marvellous album, bear with me whilst I explain more. Firstly, whilst the proliferation of disco beats in modern music is an issue that concerns me so much I pretty much vowed to strangle the next band I heard using them, Humanzi are let off this, they don't use them that much and to great affect. Humnazi's musical motives are similar to my own, and thus I instantly empathise with them, a band pissed off with the world and the idiots in it, making a stand and not giving a shit, the lyrics aren't that clear but what is audible sounds great, lines to be shouted out by a massive crowd sweatily dancing to the driving beats. So to the music, well, a big old mish-mash to be honest, a kind of Punk, New Wave, New Romantic, electronica mix-up, perhaps the closest reference point is Faith No More, but brought bang up to date, driving, grinding guitars, big swooping synths, thundering bass lines and a solid drummer pounding his way through the lot of it. Tremors is eleven tracks of refreshing brilliance, not one track of filler, not one wasted second, knocks the socks off anything released in recent months.

Chris Chinchilla