Editors / Be Your Own PET
(MTV2 Gonzo On Tour Show)

Cardiff Barfly


The four excitable Tennessee teenagers commonly known as Be Your Own PET bound onstage in Halloween masks ("cos we love Halloween"). In the centre, 18 year old lead singer Jemina Abegg; very much the focal point, she's a feisty whirling dervish of teenage angst, - essentially a hormonal Debbie Harry for Stooges fans. Flanked by the now de-afroed bassist Nathan Vasquez (who informs us that "it's coming back") and the amenable Jonas Stein who throw themselves around the tiny stage with similar abandon, BYOP's music may not be technically amazing, or for even a large part seem to have any discernable tune, but it's just unbelievably fun and more importantly fucking entertaining to watch. Tunes like 'Damn Damn Leash' and 'Hillmont Avenue' are still great slices of compressed garage pop-punk though, and with a few more gems like these, 2006 could be a fantastic year for Be Your Own PET.

Editors are a completely different proposition altogether. Whereas Be Your Own PET's emphasis is on having as much fun as possible, Editors concentrate on making dark, brooding, atmospheric soundscapes, although it has to be said that any of their songs could easily be passed off as Joy Division B sides, or even as Interpol in disguise. And quite frankly when they're on a bill with a band with the effervescence and vivaciousness of Be Your Own PET, they're pretty much overshadowed.

Clive Drew

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