Wow. The political record just got a bit funky. Whilst it is true that this Bury St Edmunds quartet still largely bask in the shouty-young-upstarts end of the musical spectrum, what is essentially DIY noisemongery meets New Wave desolation is unexpectedly spattered with cute synth sounds and brings the listener into the 21st century with a groove, made in a way that music this trashy was meant to be listened to. Though for the likes of me, that wakes up late on a Saturday just in time to watch the EastEnders I recorded the previous night before Strictly Dance Fever comes on, it is never going to translate. I prefer something a little less grey.
Luckily, there are a lot of people that prefer more of a message in their music than empty glitter and spangle. For example, mantras like "Hotel full of cops" and "Marie Celeste" show off an intelligent lyrical content that goes against the grain, which will definitely appeal to pissed off members of both younger and older generations. And with support slots with the likes of the equally as jagged Miss Black America, The KSA are definitely set to become a staple part of the discerning gig-goer's diet in these here parts. Why? I'll leave that up to you. Because, personally, I am just never going to get rid of the cynical feeling that suggests that such bands are at risk of signifying the rise of the idiots that they are rebelling against, perhaps overdosing on episodes of Nathan Barley and actually verging on becoming a pastiche of the angry war protester. Now that's controversy for you. Freedom of speech and all that.

Anna C.