R*E*P*E*A*T was given the party it deserved on Tuesday.

The Junction was packed with punters showing their appreciation for the fanzine and record label, which has played a major part in keeping the city's music scene alive. Bands from R*E*P*E*A*T's past and present hit the stage in what proved to be a memorable evening.

Band of the night were The Saffs, who reformed after six years away to join in the fun. A mighty set made up of their finest moments roared around the venue but they resisted the urge to resurrect their tradition of playing in drag - a decision welcomed by those down the front.

R*E*P*E*A*T's most successful band, Miss Black America, were easily the loudest for the party. Sporting another new line-up, they are again sounding close to their peak of 2001/2002 when they were all over Radio One and the NME.

Representing the new wave of R*E*P*E*A*T were Pilots of the Sixth and The Horse and His Boy. They maybe only teenagers but the quality of the songwriting from both these acts and the completely care-free performance they both put in was impressive. It goes to show how valuable R*E*P*E*A*T is to music in the area.

Richard Rose, the man behind it all, puts in so much of his own time and money into giving brilliant bands like the above a chance - here's hoping for another decade.

Cambridge Evening News

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