“Dear Cambridge LA LA LA” Launch Party,
Cellar Bar 8


Four bands figured they'd make a bigger noise if they all shouted together.

Sick of the fact the Cambridge music 'scene' seemingly exists of nothing more than Jools Holland playing once every 6 months at the Corn Exchange (or so it seems when you're stuck playing the same pub every week to the same 15 people), they stopped hoping for someone to lift them out of this musical dead-end, and started learning to fly.

So, deep under the Cambridge streets, under this twee corner of English heaven, they played a gig. And handed out free CDs. They pulled a huge
crowd. Got everybody dancing. And tried to promote the do it yourself ethic. Because when everybody else is too busy working 9-5, too stuck in a
stoned stupor, too oxymoronic to even contemplate promoting anything other than apathy, you can't just awake yourself. You have to scream so loud you wake up this whole damn city.

So, The Furious Sleep, Cosy Cosy, Princess Drive and (the) Bomb Factory, We salute you for trying to pull us out of this with you. So what if there's a motto about those who dare to fly? We’ll see you the other side of this horizon.

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by tommo king.

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Copies of the CD 'Dear Cambridge La La la' will be given out with initial copies of R*E*P*E*A*T issue 23