Miss Black America - Terminal
(Review from Rocksound)

Miss Black America have continually polarised opinion - they're either the best, voice-to-the-voiceless punk rockers around, or they're
pretentious geeks. Their second album, 'Terminal', should cement their position in the former category. Sure, this is geeky - one look at Seymour Glass' NHS specs will tell you that - but dammit the man has something to say, and he has an ability to weave his message into delightful, brash Brit Pop tunes.

The stuttering 'Dot Dot Dot' and the sweeping gesture of 'Drowning By Numbers' are the pick of the crop this time around, but the whole album plots an intelligent course through fizzing energy and indie majesty. 'Reborn' and and 'Voices' are magnificent ballads - the latter digging out the acoustic guitars - and 'Terminal One' and 'Terminal Two' Open and tail end the album on a gorgeously plaintive note.

Oh, and you can get this for a measly fiver.



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