Transmission, Cambridge Junction 3/10/08

Lead singer, Dave (or Dave Brave as I refer to him; see what I did there?) could epitomise the modern front-man, for want of a better phrase. A tall, intriguing figure centre stage, he seems slightly uncomfortable in front of his audience, almost hiding behind his cap, arms tight around himself. Someone said to me afterwards that he needs to have more of a stage presence. I’ve got to say that I completely disagree. Metamorphosed from the ashes of Cambridge band, Charlie Moore 4 (yeah, you liked them, right?), here are four
guys that epitomise raw intensity through their music and their simple and honest performance is something so naturally absorbing that I feel compelled to write about them. And that doesn’t always happen these days.

In fact, compelling is possibly the best word to describe them. Not to mention that DB has one of the most effortlessly powerful voices I have ever heard (if not a wee bit sexy: ladies, take note), they are also Cambridge’s answer to Pearl Jam, championing the progressive aspects of purely good rock music, and it doesn’t get much more mighty a force than that. As the light show tonight creates a brooding atmosphere, it’s a big old room but their impressive sound fills it, the spiky ball of energy playing guitar drawing your attention one minute, complemented by the laidback bass and massive drum sound, and those assembled are left positively reeling and picking their jaws
up from the floor. And I woke up with “Trick of the light” going round my fuzzy head this morning. Those boys sure can play. And I salute them. So do
my cats. They say that you should get your arses down to their next show.

Anna C