Goldie Looking Chain : Safe As Fuck

This could easily be subtitled 'Greatest Hits Volume 2' as its humour is inspired by much the same obsessions as the last album : popular culture, wobbly body parts, crap music, ridiculous clothes and of course the ubiquitous 'blow'. However the joke is not yet wearing thin, and the familiar subjects are given some novel treatments which will both amuse and instruct.

To prove my point, 'HRT' warns of the testosterone reducing effects of cannabis, and boasts some fantastic clunky piano and the killer line "Oh shit, my willy is a fanny, take a step back I'm turning into a tranny" and an unforgettable chorus "Hormone replacement, that's what I need, I started growing tits after smoking too much weed". 'Bad Boy Limp' uses some top class scratching to accompany its advice on screwing money out of the small claims court next time you wet yourself, trip over some vomit or suffer from whatever other accident you are currently planning : "Ring now, it's money for free - it's gotta be true, cos it's on the TV". 'Hit Song' lifts the riff from some hopefully forgotten Euro trance hit to flick drunken but insanely catchy Vs at the all "the shit songs that you hear on the radio", while 'Charmschool' abuses the Grange Hill theme tune to rip the piss out of nightclub pulling culture. 'R'n'B' has a classic couplet about Jason Orange and NKOTB and 'Sister' is just harshly funny, with some more oddly effective funky piano and harmonica. And then of course there's the guitar and fiddle based slam of current single 'Your Missus is a Nutter', already a favourite in these parts. And there's lots more too.

Goldie Looking Chain's irreverence, wit, creative vocal combinations, way with words, Welsh verbal vitality, disdain of conformity and dodgy clothes collection has triumphed again to produce another entertaining, catchy and safe as fuck album. However, I'm not sure the joke will stretch to volume three…


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