MILBURN/ SCULLY Soul Tree, Cambridge 31/5/06

You pretty much get the impression that Scully are a band who think Modern Life is Rubbish, but purely in the Coxon sense, graduating from his public school of punk with energetic fervour, dropping their "t's" and donning their be-striped gowns. Along with many other bands of the moment whose proudest achievement to date is being featured by the NME. Tonight, however, the audience couldn't care less that here are another three of The Jam's love children, as they pogo maniacally to tri-chord catchy gems such as "In good time" and the more rock-inspired "Terrorist". And, as long as there are blokes in attendance such as that next to me, who appears to dance like, and possess the attention span of, Bez, then their time will be relatively long-lived. I do believe my feet were also entertained. Definitely worth a bop to.

And Milburn are more of the same. Except with tartan pants filled with a whole lot of arrogance and attitude. Of course, the kids go mad fer it, soaking up the indie-fuelled ska and kicking up their legs football-crowd style, giving these young lads from where else but Sheffield a wild reception only fitting of a poor man's Arctic Monkeys. But, if this is four boys who are aware that those with the cold jungle-dwellers in the line up have sailed the boat without them, it doesn't phase them; instead, they just get on with it, commanding all those here present to join them in making the most of every minute before they do the doggy paddle to the "Northern Uproar Hall of Fame". Which no-one watching can deny that they are doing well. With songs like "Send in the boys" and "Cheshire Cat" of the same spiky, punchy, raucous quality as their peers', and a stage show which says they've got the bottle and determination to follow through with what they're promising themselves, Milburn are at least going to leave some great crater when they eventually burn out. Believe any hype and enjoy them while you can.

Ta very much to Mike from Infected for sorting out the evening for us.

Anna C

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