THE FRAMES: The Junction, Cambridge 26/04/05

Tonight I witnessed one of the most amazing gigs of my life. My fella told me to write that. He's right, of course. This Irish five-piece are an unsuspected musical headbutt, more than capable of holding an entire room of people either captive or captivated with their folk-tinged rock. And, yes, I mean "rock". You may well say "Fiddle-dee-dee off". I wouldn't have believed it myself. Not that any of that matters anyway. Because, from haunting and tender melodies about heartache, grief and waking up in a dog kennel, to hugely powerful guitar-driven anthems, littered with a group whistling session and tributes to Pink Floyd and Willy Wonka, here is a band that make you laugh with their stories and make you weep at their songs in a way which encompasses audience participation like I have never seen. Of course it helps that they are extremely good songwriters and musicians, but what is most refreshing is to see a band with an amazing talent in sharing the love of what they do and expressing this is any way they want to. And that's what makes The Frames real. Can you tell they blew me away? Could someone tell my Mum to forward any post on?

Apologies to Cherry Falls who I would have reviewed but there was a minute there that it looked like I wouldn't get in at all. You sounded very good through the wall. A big "t'anks" to Claire and The Frames' tour manager for eventually sorting the evening out for us.

Anna C.