Cosycosy / Fuck Dress / The Engineers
Cellar Bar 8, 12.6.08

Engineers are a band that know how to design and build an epic rock song. Their performance shows great potential, using changes in tempo and dynamics to hook in the listener and filling the sparsely populated venue as if it was Wembley Stadium.

But Fuck Dress are the sort of band to make your ears bleed. Powered by the bludgeoning drums of the sitting down, leaping around, stand-up drummer, everything else struggles to compete - the guitars wails with stabbing melodies and the vocals incant like some poisonous spell. The whole thing is totally captivating, totally danceable, totally wonderful.

Cosycosy thus have a lot to live up to, yet they manage it. Their drums too are powerful, the melodies spot on and the birthday cake came in at just the right time. Their famous boy/girl harmonies carried off with just the right amount of self deprecation are intoxicating; the new songs sound exciting while 'Seen The Light' deserves to be an enormous underground classic. More dancing breaks out.

What a great night. What a great collection of bands. What great sound (thanks Ainsley!). What a great pity that only 15 punters came to see it.

Rosey R*E*P*E*A*T, in a rush