Division of Death
Our resident Death Metal expert, the Famous Steffan Bones, gets down with the happy happy sounds of spring

Division of Death
No life here

The first song (I don't know the track names because there aren't any track listings) has a weird annoying American woman saying how she wants to be cut up, in an attempt to seem scary, while just annoying the listener to a point where suicide seems like the only means of escape from the poor attempt at industrial music . The instruments seem to include a synthesiser and nothing else. At first I was waiting for it to speed up but by the end of track 3 I realised it would be slow all the way through. No vocals, nothing. In track 3 I think the things being put through the synthesiser were sounds of falling bombs, dying cats and aerosol being sprayed at different pitches. It's so boring that by track 4 I was screaming for it to be turned off and immediately burnt. So if you ever consider buying this, don't go to your local HMV's go to a psychiatrist…. a good one.

Website: unknown (thank goodness)



This powerful prog metal assault sounds very much like Tool. (If any one doesn't know what prog means, it means progressive.) The first thing that hits you about the album is the artwork. You can't really explain what the sound is like so, if you like prog, I recommend going out to buy it, if not just for the artwork. The vocals are soaring and there is powerful dual guitar work. In track 3, Gravity kills, there is a powerful guitar assault with a synthesiser (more as a background instrument), and this is probably the most prominent track on the album but unfortunately uses the word "baby".

The songs are heavier than an American next to McDonalds and are all memorable. It's not music but an explosion of sound that knocks you over then kicks your head. Leave Me Alone has a strong chorus that has soaring vocals and a pounding drum beat. Downlodideas is an amazing album that I recommend for fans of Mastodon and Tool.

Label: Heartlines


Monsters and Humans

A barrage of pure power. The screaming vocals from lead singer Gento and powerful guitars from Lollo are completed by bassist Wallace, and drummer Ben. Showstripsilence are a hardcore band that remind you of the Darkness but heavier, and maybe even Towers of London. They have hardcore feel and the punk side shows through. The drums give them the frantic edge, kind of like old MCR but heavier, and their vocalist is as frantic as Gerard Way. Their crazy album cover makes you wonder if they're sane. I wouldn't want to buy their albums but if you're into this type of music I recommend this group of mental patients to you.

Label: Graves Records



Annihilator are currently touring with Trivium as a support band. They are Slayer style thrash and seem to have recruited every metal star known to mankind to appear on the album. Reasonably bad singing but maybe just bad recording. Signed to SPV, they seem to be just another metal band, boring and not much to talk about… and the even stole a song title from Trivium.

Label: SPV


Steffan Bones