Dizzee Rascal

Cardiff University Solus


From being dismissed as an 'up and coming UK garage MC' to being branded with the awful tag of being a so-called 'spokesman for a generation', Dizzee Rascal's (real name the not-so-street Dylan Mills) rise to fame in the past few years has been nothing sort of meteoric.

However, it quite frankly does take the absolute piss when he charges his fans thirteen quid, makes them wait for over two and a half hours and then treats them to a measly set of just over twenty minutes. What we are treated to instead is a set from an old-skool hip hop DJ, which in fairness isn't too bad, and then two groups of support MCs, which are both pretty dire, especially considering the fact that most of what they say is incoherent and that combined they probably play for triple the amount of time Dizzee plays for when he finally takes to the stage. For the time he is onstage Dizzee's performance is pretty impressive, it's just that for twenty minutes it's hardly worth turning up for is it?


Clive Drew

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