The Hope @ The Loft, 15.2.07


Imagine fleeing the hoards of nothing, loser indie bands with their nice jingle jangle and nothing to say and punk by numbers emo clones that populate the Cambridge scene. Imagine walking into a deserted bar where 4 oiks are about to take the stage. Imagine being assaulted by a sound so raw, so in yr face and yet so wonderful you have to stop and stare. This is a no holds barred dirty rawk band, inspired no doubt by the likes of The Wildhearts and The Exploited, to create something beautiful, urgent and meaningful from the rubble and shit they see around them. Despite their influences, the singer is dressed in a Public Enemy T shirt, acknowledging that fighting the power means more than just twittering on about your heart and your drugs and your latest flame. A band whose cry "No Money No Class No Hope" isn't a fashion statement, but 100 per cent 4 real.

Imagine a band that makes you want to rave about them once you get home, and no one else is around so despite a skin full of Stellas, you type out a rambling, hyperbolic but heartfelt review.

Imagine what the (We Are All) Neighbours will think?

Imagine… and you may never be the same again.

And imagine that in this shitty little city of scenesters and fakes, a rock'n'roll band that can make you realise that music still matters.


And then understand: if there is any hope, it lies with The Hope.

Rosey R*E*P*E*A*T, 15.2.07

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