Trashcan Sinatras?
Jessica Trash takes a cautious peek in the R*E*P*E*A*T refuse pile...

"We do what we love and love what we do. We've packed in our jobs at Tesco's, bought a van and hit the road. This is it." Aw. Plot Against Paris sound so earnest. Pity all the songs on their demo sound the same. My attention's wandering by the middle of opener "Capo Del-Monté" (whatever that's supposed to mean), and the next two don't fare any better. "Pure Bravado" starts out with a bit of promising bounce, but before long we're back to more of the same - bottom-of-the-bill-at-Reading, sub-Fall Out Boy drivel. 4/10.

The mention of Sigur Ros on Fell City Girl's press release sends a shiver of dread down my spine. There's nothing that experimental on their "February Snow" EP, though - lots of tinkling piano, lots of overwrought Thom Yorke-ish falsetto, all very pleasant. Rock and roll isn't supposed to be pleasant. Next. 4/10.

Friday night down at your local Identikit All-Purpose Rock Club ™. You know the sort of stuff they play. Fairly high-octane emo-pop, singable and vaguely familiar-sounding, with a nice quiet bit before the chorus for the beer boys to wave their lighters along to. That's what Sucioperro seem to be aiming for on "The Drop," and that's what we get. Won't change your life, and you probably wouldn't want to buy the album, but perfectly good for dancing to when you're drunk. They have a go at an introspective ballad on the b-side, but the less said about that the better. 6/10

Ah. Now that's more like it. Actress Hands' "Half An Hour" hurtles headlong into just under two minutes of sun-drenched bliss-pop, layering Beach Boys harmonies over Gruff Rhys vocals and fumbling, stumbling guitar lines that still sound surprisingly ace. B-side "What's The Name Of The Planet You're From" is catchy as hell, too. 8/10

Little Trophy have more ideas than the Patents Office, and sound determined to put all of them on their demo. The result is a Frankenstein-created Rorschach inkblot of sound that's prog wank from one angle, mind-bent brilliance from another. Bits of it sound like The Research. Other bits sound like Dir En Grey. The relentless kookiness gets wearing fairly fast, but it'll certainly keep you on your toes. 7/10

"You've got one too many things upon your mind/Don't you wanna leave those feelings all behind?" ask The Swings. Bitch, please. Relentlessly chirpy acoustic indie-folk. Singer sounds like Jarvis Cocker on Prozac, and as any fule kno, if Jarvis was on Prozac he'd be rubbish. There appear to be ten tracks on this thing, but my ears could only stand one and a half. 3/10.

Biz's press release can't seem to find anything to say about him beyond the fact that he's been in a Coca-Cola advert. It says this many, many times. Which means I'd hate "Long Way Down" on principle, even if it didn't sound like something Robbie Williams might have shat out the morning after a particularly dodgy curry. Mushy, pointless, and surrounded by a lingering, unpleasant whiff of corporate cash-in. Listening to this single makes me feel unclean, and not in a good way. 0/10.

Jessica Trash

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