Miss Black America - Terminal
Reviewed on Room Thirteen

Miss Black America have received universal acclaim across the UK, especially in their live performance; their following is certainly an impressive one. 'Terminal', their first album release after a complete change of line up retaining only frontman Seymour Glass, is a welcome return from a band who know a good harmony when they hear it.

Flanked between 'Terminal One' and 'Terminal Two', the journey Miss Black America take the listener on is one of pure passion and glassy (no pun intended) twinkling guitars, with a sound wider than infinity.

Single 'Dot Dot Dot' is as powerful as an atom bomb, violent drums burst out in the pulsating chorus, a guitar solo that completely knocks back rumours that Miss Black America are an indie band slices through the tune. 'Automatic' is another big crash n'burn, rock n'roll destroying tune that dazzles, the big overdriven guitar chorus forces the tune through your cranium and there's even some fantastic fancy, but sincere, guitarwork. These are the tunes that earn Miss Black America the title of punk, but it's not all so straight forward, tunes such as 'Reborn' and 'Beauty of Song' are more pensive ballads and just as impressive as the explosive numbers.

'Emotional Junkmail' builds up an intro of epic proportions and climaxes in a heady peak of swirling guitars and searching punk vocals; Seymour Glass has something to say and he's not afraid to say it. The stunning and subversive masterpiece of the album is, for me, 'Drowning By Numbers', which shows off some of the best songwriting in its speedy chorus, "I want to throw myself against the wall/ I want to throw the wall against itself".

'Voices' provides some variety in its buzzing acoustic chords woven into a mesh of starry stringwork, this draws you into the direct and awe-inspiring tune that spins for 6 minutes, but doesn't feel in the least tired or drawn out.

'Terminal Two' slips in graciously after 'Voices' with distinctive reverse delay ringing out like beautiful but delusional chimes, heralding the end of an all-encompassing album that leaves little left for Miss Black America to do but sit back and admire their creation.

This is a band who sound like political pariahs, but without taking it all too seriously because they've had their fair share of trials and tribulations in the past too. 'Terminal' seizes all the band's emotion and thrusts it into your heart through the means of captivating, driving tunes that no one can resist.

Track Listing
01 - Terminal One
02 - Dot Dot Dot
03 - Drowning By Numbers
04 - Freefall
05 - Beauty Of Song
06 - Automatic
07 - Reborn
08 - Way Down
09 - Emotional Junkmail
10 - Once More, With Feeling
11 - Chemical
12 - Voices
13 - Terminal Two