HARPIES- Lily wry

Would it be cheap of me to point out the obvious fact that Harpies rhymes with herpes? I know, I know, but the fact that said CD was passed onto me, making me feel rather uncomfortable and sore, offers me some kind of analogy where there was otherwise none. Though, in actual fact, Harpies are mythical creatures, except, when I think of mythical creatures, I think of awe-inspiring goblins and beautifully wing-ed goat men. Or whatever. Unfortunately, there is not much awe-inspiring or beautiful about this Brummie quintet.

Unless you like incomprehensible metal, in the form of mostly guttural screaming and riffs played on pointy guitars, which, to me, blend into each other, in which case, here's something to make you want to rip your own ears off, if that is indeed the point of this genre. Because I never really grasped the concept. The nearest I got to metal was Korn (yes, the K in their name really was good, wasn't it?). Anyway, let's keep this brief, for pity's sake- the only songs I really liked on this album were "Left of me" and "Man in walls", two lilting and hypnotic testaments to Harpies actual musicianship, the soft vocals just the right touch of despair and pronunciation, the backing track mercifully taking it's time to compliment this. That and the opening track "Sea song" but only because it is literally a thirty-six second sample of wave sounds et al. But, of course, that's not what they're about. Fair enough. I just think that the rest is really just a load of old codswallop. I would have probably had more time for it about ten years ago. I'm sorry but it's not my cup of tea anymore. Nurse, put me back under. I thank you.


Anna C