It's savage
Volunteers - 'Know Yourself' (R*E*P*E*A*T)

THRASHING guitars, ultra-high BPM drum riffs and
savage vocals all come together in the Volunteers' second album, Know Yourself. The band, fans of whom include the legendary late John Peel, describe themselves as a 'sort of old school hardcore super-group'. Their lineup includes ex-members of acclaimed local bands Jacob's Mouse and Chevette.

The new 15-track-strong album features tunes with titles like 'You Got Everything Money Can Buy But Nothing It Can't' and 'I Kill You, You Kill Me'. The anti-capitalism theme of the album quickly becomes apparent with the first lyrics:
"Some call it politics, I call it business. What kind of so-called democracy is this?"

This is clearly a band with a point to make and their lyrics are intelligently written, each
track expressing justified opinions on controversial subjects. Topics addressed by the band include prostitution, cannabis, the futility of war and pollution.

Such pacifistic lyrics are probably not what people would associate with the accompanying music, which is anything but peaceful. There's
not one slow or acoustic number on the album and only the last track lasts longer than
two minutes.

Each song is an aural onslaught reminiscent of Motorhead's efforts and likely to get listeners
moshing around their homes. There can be no doubt that The Volunteers would be an exhilarating band to see live.

The album art reflects the band's message, with a collage of hundreds of people displaying the 'V' for victory and peace sign recently used by
Michael Jackson throughout his trial. Perhaps in this instance it represents the band's name, but
either way it seems a fitting image.

While I appreciate the band's message, the unrelenting brutality of its communication left me feeling a little shaken.

'Know Yourself' is released on Repeat Records on July 18th. Check out their website at

by James Burton, Bury Free Press

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