Coldplay : Fix You

It's not that it's bad. In fact, for what it is, it's really good. Nice tune, pleasant, almost hymn like. The kind of thing that your mate who only buys one or two albums a year would go crazy over - and you cant blame them really. I mean, if it hits the top 5 and both Radio One, and Virgin add it to their playlists, it's got to be good right?

Well no, but then you knew that already. Bland, boring. in offensive. More 'Tsunami' then 'Motown junk,' but complete with added 'messiah complex'.
How else do you explain Chris claiming that he will take all your problems away and 'Fix you'.

Still that's hardly surprising seeing as he's best
mates with Bono and Blair. Badly Drawn Boy fans will no doubt lap it up - but the rest of us will steer well clear. And to those of you who do insist on buying it: " When you get what you want but not what you need... "

Hmmmm how apt...

PS: What's all this stuff about igniting bones?

Sheraz Qureshi

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