R*E*P*E*A*T's Anti Christmas Party, 27.12.05, Portland Arms

Not as new as they're shiny looking : The Shills.

No Jail For Thought - Pat of Princess Drive.

Relics? The Horse and His Boy.

Greg Neo and friend prepare for The Saffs reformation with a set that proved to be a possible highlight of the evening.

Dirty bluesy bangy wangy - Jordan Hacan Ramone.

Leaving on a Jet Plane - AD/HD with...

Dickon 'Moody Badger' Ramone ('Motown Junk'),

Jordan Hacan Ramone ('Teenage Kicks')

and Seymour Glass ('Should I Stay or Should I Go?').

Wilder than the January Skies - The Charm Offensive ...

and uptown chorus girls!

Thanks to everyone who played or paid, making a tidy sum and a smile for Love Music Hate Racism.

Pix by Malcolm, Dickon and Rosey