Autons - Election Singer / The Devil In Me

Electro punk rock has had its fair share of press thanks to the popularity of the Mighty Boosh, and in particular, the popularity of the ever so glamorous and well attired, Noel Fielding. Of late, a whole slew of bands have magically appeared like the macabre Hitcher (the one with a polo over his eye) with their preposterously large thumbs outstretched and trying to get a lift on the band wagon. By the roadside they stand, waiting for whoever may pass to lend an ear and at present, the roadside is full of them.

The Autons appear to be hitching a ride on that packed roadside and their aloft thumbs are gigantic flashing glo-sticks commanding your attention. Drivers beware.

They have the sound of a band who are going all out but not quite reaching the heady heights that they are aiming for. Sounding a little like late 90s indie electro clash merchants Bis, with male vocals; they boast that the vocals are Lydon-esque, but they don’t even touch that vitriolic snarl of the Sex Pistols front man. Instead, you are merely offered an fairly average listening experience, although a high energy one at that.

Music for those with ADHD.

By Kate Sharp,