Manic Street Preachers: Indian Summer

Long time fans of the Manics will find themselves reminded of the There By The Grace of God EP and the track Happy Ending. Don’t worry, this is much better… The lyrics to Indian Summer read like a conversation between Nicky, Sean and James – as they struggle to come to terms with the contrast between who they were and who they are. It’s every bit as direct and full of emotion as Everything Must Go, but whereas that track was concerned with the Manics breaking free of their past, Indian summer is the Manics reflecting on the reasons that made them want to form a band in the first place. It’s the Manics reacting against the amoeba that was Lifeblood and producing something that’s more reminiscent of a band in full swing. Play this song on repeat and remind yourself of how special the Manics were / are and will always be – because this song should be read as a promise that not matter what, the Manics will still continue – as a band unable to compromise on their principles and refusing to give in. They’ll continue fighting because they know that if they don’t, no one else will. Other bands take note, either step up or fuck off.

Sheraz Qureshi

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