Therapy? - One Cure Fits All
(Spitfire Records, 2006)

Bless Therapy? For the uninitiated here's the brief story...

Form a band in Ireland, release a few albums, get a bit of a following, release 1994's "Troublegum", become fucking huuuuge all over Europe, take a shed load of the wrong drugs, release a completely different album which makes everyone think "What the fuck is going on here?", take ages off because you've lost the plot, put out another album, lose your nice shiny major label record contract, then put out album after album which nobody buys because you're not cool any more. I'm not cool either, this is probably why (and possibly in part because) I like Therapy?

So anyway, with Therapy?'s eleventh studio album, they are back to square one again. "One Cure Fits All" see's Therapy? erm, well, going backwards a bit to be honest. I'm not quite sure what's wrong with it. Perhaps it's the production that let's it down a bit. The tunes are certainly there. Whilst not as Raaaawk! as 1999's "Suicide Pact: You First" or 2004's "Never Apologise Never Explain", there's just something not quite sitting right with it to me. It certainly has it's moments though. Opening track "Sprung" has the kind of riff that will not leave your head for days after hearing it, "Rain Hits Concrete" and "Deluded Son" have that classic Therapy? sound down to a tee and closing track "Walk Through Darkness" ends with the kind of air punching rock singalong not seen since Jon Bon Jovi cloned himself 80 thousand times, jumped on the tube and went to see Queen at Wembley.

But anyway, whilst this may not be Therapy's finest hour by any stretch, you should all go out and buy it to support the boys. While you're at it, you should dust off that copy of "Troublegum" you know you've got stashed away somewhere and remember just why Therapy? are still one of the best bands around.

Teachers comment: Whilst clearly showing a great deal of effort, it somewhat lacks punch as a cohesive unit. 6.5/10


Richard Bull