Mad Staring Eyes
Joe 90 looks in disbelief at some of the offers in the review chasm

Harpies - Echoes/ Favour This
What a start! Shy, awkward female vocals set a mellow tone for the single, but they soon build up into a brutal, hard-hitting blend of hardcore, metal, and screams. The layers are built up brilliantly, and everything sounds professionally executed. The only downfall to the band is their tendency to steal little sections from slipknot, with a blatant 'Duality' rip-off on the second track. Overall though, very impressive

Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring - demo
It's hard to put into words just how much I hate this demo, I know it sounds like I'm trying to be all 'NME' and sound cool by slagging it off, but it genuinely is appalling. Has to be heard to be believed.

Capdown - Surviving The Death Of A Genre
Capdown are a band that sound powerful, sound energetic, and sound like they're having fun. The songs are short sharp punches of distorted guitars and catchy hooks, and the cover of R'n'B star Kelis's 'Trick Me' is simply genius! But the downfall of having the amazing cover is that it overshadows the original material.


Unexploded Shells - demo
This demo is a very poor effort. Delivered with no emotion whatsoever, the 2 chord lull of the opening track inspires nothing but the need to turn the stereo off. Very poor.

Deluka - StopStop
Most of the time I cant stand electro, it always seems so soulless, too obvious that you're listening to a machine recreate music, but with Deluka, for some reason it seems different. The songs are punky, distorted, and driven with passion, which is no easy thing to do with electronic instruments. With the whole 'new-rave' genre come to the forefront of the scene, Deluka could just hit the big time.

Loudaphone - demo
First off, change the band name; 'Loudaphone' really doesn't put across a very good first impression. Secondly, very good band! They come across very 'Verve-esqe', the songs are powerfully delivered and well written, but you cant help feeling that the band have come 10 years too late, having just missed the 90's when bands like The Verve and Ocean Colour Scene were at their prime.

Martin 101 - Dangerous Cat
Oh my days, I'm only hoping that this whole 70's vibe is a very poorly thought out gimmick, if not, keep it in the social clubs. 'Martin' comes across as one of those really embarrassing holiday drunks that always end up being urged to have a go on the karaoke, and end up completely emptying the bar. Seriously rubbish.

Mad Staring Eyes
Mad Staring Eyes have made an cd made up of huge, epic, indie anthems. The band are very impressive, every guitar doing its job to its full potential, clever drumming allows tempo changes to slip in and out naturally, and the vocals compliment it all perfectly.

Joe 90

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