You've driven for miles and not remembered a thing

'Ey up. Now here's a band after my own heart. They would like to record a cover of "King of rock n' roll" by Prefab Sprout. Which surely must be why they have already gained airplay on both XFM and Radio 1 and have an appearance at the Leeds Festival safely under their belt. Although it may also be to do with the fact that this Yorkshire four-piece have been accurately compared to Queens of the Stone Age, Sonic Youth, with a bit of Helmet thrown in, and, if I may add my own reference, are, at least in this track, along the vein of Kill Keneda's slightly more reserved Northern cousins. Basically everything you could ask for in a rock record, This Et Al are an obliterating blitzkrieg- nicely noisy, harmonious, powerful, frenetic, passionate and, what's more, energetic, putting not only their hearts into this latest release but no doubt lungs, liver, spleen and a fair part of the colon. Therefore definitely one to keep your eye on.

When you go and see them at The Portland Arms on Thursday, 17th November, be sure to wear protective clothing; might I suggest earmuffs. If you haven't got the message, these boys say it loud and proud.

Anna C