Sunshine on the Westley World -
Nathan Westley reviews these little rays of sunshine

Victim is another name for lover
(Custard Records)

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed the recent rise in popularity of 80's culture. Well if you have it may not surprise you to learn that Sunshine do have something of the 80's about them.
This Czech quartet have melded elements of punk, rock, electro and noise together to come up with something that is as sterile as The Bravery.
Accompanying the main track, two remixes are also available across the various formats, one being a Pete Lauder mix which is slightly dirtier. While the Fischerspooner mix adds a few beeps here and there.
Additional track 'what you've got' is a slightly more straight ahead rock song, though the electro elements are still there but not as much in the forefront and is more reminiscent of modern day Jane's Addiction.

Thee Unstrung

Thee Unstrung hail from the vibrant East London music scene maybe unsurprisingly there is something a little Libertines-esq about them.
They have there feet firmly rooted in London as this guitar pop tune even name checks both Bow and White chapel Road. This is the kind of tune you have undoubtedly heard many time before as they aren't exactly re-writing any rule books, just The Libertines back catalogue instead.

The Cribs
Hey scenesters

This Edywn Collins produced single is a breath of fresh air after listening to those other tracks. This Wakefield three piece have churned out a catchy guitar pop single which possesses an addictive riff and easily memorable nursery ryhme style lyrics which will repeat in your head over and over.

Do me bad things
What's Hideous
(Must Destroy)

This London nine piece hail from the same stable as both Goldie Lookin chain and The Darkness. Like those previous bands Do me bad things are Musical Marmite, there one of those bands that you are either going to love or hate.
This song is a little like something I would expect the Scissor sisters to come up with, traces of soul and rock are melded together and on first listen the lounge core breakdown doesn't exactly sound right. But listen to it again at high volume and on a bright sunny day and it maybe just seem that slightly more tolerable.

Nathan Westley