Babyshambles : Janie Jones (Strummerville)

The more cynical amongst you may ask what's the point of recording a version of this song so similar to The Clash's original punk paean to the pleasures and pains of being young, male and working class?

To you I have to say, that this is punk pop perfection, 3 chords to heaven which still portrays exactly what thousands of young men feel 30 years on from when the song was first written. Its energy, directness and melody could teach some of those up themselves emo poseurs a thing or two…

All this and more; not only does the single support The Strummerville Foundation for New Music, allowing kids from 'disadvantaged' backgrounds to access music making, it also brings back together Pete and Carl; Carl's "Fill her up Jacko!" makes me smile every time! There are also performances from The Kooks, Guillemots, Mystery Jets, The Paddingtons, We Are Scientists, The Holloways, Larrikin Love, Jamie T, and many, many more, all encouraged by the persuasive powers of Lola (Joe Strummer's daughter) and Pete Doherty to get involved with the single.

And it's Pete Doherty's performance that steals the show. While staying true to the original song, he also manages to infuse his performance with his own personality, enthusiasm and energy, ensuring that the crusading, egalitarian spirit of Joe Strummer and The Clash is passed onto another generation.

Rosey R*E*P*E*A*T - still in love with rock'n'roll woooahhh!