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May 2005 - 2003

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August 2005
Johnny Panic's Automatic Healer
Ladytron, Millionaire and We Are Scientists
Snuff - Six of One, Half a Dozen of the Other 1986-2002 (Fat Wreck Chords)
Electric Soft Parade live in Brighton, 7.7.05
Hot Hot Heat live in Orlando, July 13th
Volunteers 'Know Yourself' reviewed in Cambridge Evening News
All That Ever Mattered - Anna C Reviews The Morenas, Funeral for a Friend, Cherubs, Meadowman and Spooky HiFi
Volunteers 'Know Yourself' reviewed on Drowned in Sound
Volunteers 'Know Yourself' reviewed on Room 13
What's the glory Conway Story..? Anna C reviews Conway Story and The Shivers
Hey Ho Let's Joe - R*E*P*E*A*T's newest and youngest reviewer lays into some CDs
Volunteers 'Know Yourself' reviewed on Heavy Discipline
Green Day - American Idiots and the New Punk Explosion - a book by Ben Myers
Ryan Adams'Cold Roses & Tom McCrae's All Maps Welcome
Miss Black America's 'Terminal' reviewed in Room 13
Volunteers 'Know Yourself' reviewed in Bury Free Press
Towers of London / Johnny Panic, Cambridge Junction, 13.6.05
Miss Black America's 'Terminal' reviewed in Rock Sound
H Block 101 - Human Jetsom
Edible Flowers - Anna C writes about Terrorvision, The Finn Brothers, Rinaldi Sings, Sandira and Alterkicks
Teenage Fanclub at Cambridge Junction, 18.5.05
Miss Black America's 'Dot Dot Dot' reviewed in Rock Sound
Miss Black America's 'Dot Dot Dot' reviewed in Heavy Discipline Fanzine
Motley Crue - If I Die Tomorrow; Metztelen Ebed - Karmatologus; Vibration White Finger - 5 Minutes To Live ep; The Scaeramanga Six - Horrible Face; Beat Poet demo; Radio Lucifer sampler
HAL/ FIONN REGAN- The Academy @ APU, Cambridge 19/05/05
Electrelane, Scout Niblett & The Legend!, Hove
Of Montreal - The Sunlandic Twins
Smother Great White Hoax
Porcupine Tree at Cambridge Junction, April 2005
CALVOON- Come on
Miss Black America's Dot Dot Dot
Mama Scuba, ‘El Shake.’
Idlewild, Bristol, 10.4.05
The Frames, Cambridge Junction, 26.04.05
Sunshine on the Westley World - reviews of Sunshine, The Cribs and Thee Unstrung
The Ordinary Boys, The Cribs and The Explosion live
Manic Street Preachers, Cambridge Corn Exchange, by Holl(i)y
Manic Street Preachers at Brangwyn Hall, Swansea
Pink Grease at APU
Stone Devils demo
New Order - Waiting for the Sirens' Call
Kaiser Chiefs - Employment
Bad Education DVD review
Interpol @ House of Blues, Orlando, FL - 20/3/05
Anna C reviews The Paddingtons, Razorlight, The
Ga Gas, Thee Unstrung
and The Grates
Kirsty MacColl reissues
Help She Can't Swim - I Don't Need You
Artbrut and Neils Children in Brighton
R*E*P*E*A*T's Angular Records Night
Nebraska : Demo
JimmY Eat World live in Norwich, March 05
The Vichy Government : Whores In Taxis
The Fall at Cambridge Junction, March 05
Pennywise reissues
Henry Rollins live DVD
Right Turn Clyde
THE RACE- Go figure/ raising children
Doves live in Bristol, March 05
Fightstar at The Academy
Goldie Looking Chain at Cambridge Corn Exchange
Pink Grease - Peaches
Death From Above 1979- You're A Woman I'm A Machine
PUSCHA- Steal your life back
Twice The Town You'll Ever Be - A North East Compilation
Antihero - This Is An Emergency
A Year in the Glitterhouse - Glitterhouse releases
Death From Above 1979 / The Fever
Three Litre - I Hate Christmas
Almost Famous 3, Huntingdon
Disco Students : Gay Lorry Drivers ep
Crash Convention : "Watch Committee" / "Thick As Thieves"
Manic Street Preachers live in Cardiff, January 05
The Track and Field Winter Sprinter
Damaged Goods Cheap Sampler Number 3
Redjetson - New General Catalogue
Volunteers /Impact single reviewed in Cambridge Utd programme
Spinning The Decelis - reviews of Martha Wainwright, Optimist Club, Dude on a Mission, Redjetson and The Sound Explosion
Mothenena at The Portland Arms
The Wildhearts live and live album
Bob Dylan’s Chronicles: Volume 1
Scarlet Soho- Divisions of Decency
Filthy Little Angels Singles Club : ep 3
Cortez Demo
Chris T-T / Cosy Cosy split single review
Anna's Loves and Hates - Death From Above and Unit
Manic Street Preachers in Brighton, 4.12.04
The Beta Band - live and album
Misterlee : Night of The Killer Longface
The Thrills live in Reading, 8.11.04
Nathan's Second Postbag (reviews of Redjetson, Martha Wainwright and The Beat Up)
The Dears - No Cities Left
The Dawn Parade - The Underground
Yumi Yumi - Alchemy
Pop Art
Undercut - Soul Food Mother and Cake - Pressure Chief
The Finn Brothers - Nothing Wrong With You
Green Day's American Idiot album
GRAHAM COXON- Freakin' Out/ All Over Me
Volunteers / Impact single reviewed in DiS
Lifeblood reviewed on Drowned in Sound
The Libertines in Orlando, USA
Lifeblood by Manic Street Preachers reviewed by Fi Beckett
Tern demo
Bomb Factory demo reviewed in DiS
Princess Drive demo reviewed in DiS
Chris T-T/Cosy Cosy single reviewed in DiS
The Music at Bristol Academy
Princess Drive demo review and feature
Chris T-T / Cosy Cosy split single
Karmadillo ep
Ashborn - Echoes EP
The Faint live in Brighton
Hey Ho Let's Go - The Story of The Ramones
Green Day - American Idiot
LIVE WIRE- Get Back to the City EP
Campeg Velocet : It's Beyond Our Control
We Start Fires : Caught Redhanded
Country’s bitter portraits of a sick America (reviews of Steve Earle and The Creekdippers)
Embrace : Fireworks The Singles 1997-2002
The Libertines : The Libertines
Westway to The World : A Review of a new exhibition of the life and legacy of Joe Strummer
Reading Festival reviewed by Clive Drew night: Meadowman, Ten Second Window, My Medication and Poser plus The Furious Sleep Cd Review by Anna Claxton
The Carling Weekend at Leeds, 2004
Ask Auntie Annakin - Anna Claxton reviews Kill Freeman Faculty, The Zipper, 9 Fold Punch & Mofro
Princess Drive 'A Welcome Alternative to Filth and Violence' ep
The Ordinary Boys : Over The Counter Culture
The Cure and The Cooper Temple Clause at Curiosa, New Jersey
Johnny Panic : Burn Your Youth
David Thomas and the Two Pale Boys
Nathan's Postbag Reviews
Nathan Westley reviews the likes of Black Mountain, Clor, Electric Eel Shock and Dangerlust

Pete Doherty, 29.7.04 by Clive Drew
Anna of the Gods: Reviews by Anna Claxon including Inme, Monkey Island, Jet Johnson,The Features, Modey Lemon, Terra Diablo
Electric 6, Concorde 2 Brighton, 7th July 2004
Renton, Junglists, The Immediate + more at St Bart's School, Newbury
Red Hot Chili Peppers / James Brown / Stellastarr*
New Art Riot: Corporation : Blend, The Strollers and The Junglists
Ordinary Boys/Dogs Die In Hot Cars, Oxford, 14.6.04
Supergrass / 20 - 20s, Kentish Town Forum, 8.5.04
Million Dead / Right Turn Clyde / CRS*, 22.5.04
Graham Coxon, 7.6.04
Miss Black America - Beautiful Velocity
Seymour Glass / Greg McDonald, Portland Arms, 31.5.04
This Girl / My Awesome Compilation at APU, 18.5.04
Jet Plane Landing at APU, 20.5.04
Corporation : Blend 'For All My Sins' / 'Blew It'
The Strollers demo CD
Franz Ferdinand, 2.5.04, Bristol University
Keane, 1 .5.04, Bristol University
Graham Coxon : Happiness in Magazines
The Levellers / The Mutts
Rude Mechanicals, The Blueberries and Rob Jackson
Donderevo, Tempted Betty and Fruity Clave Samba Band
Poser's Scars That Never Fade
St Thomas live in Cambridge
St Thomas' Let's grow together- The Comeback of St. Thomas
Snow Patrol at Bristol Academy
Kasabian at Reading Fez Club
The Virgin Suicides reviewed in Uncle Skank
Beats Capri / Loophole, 2.4.04
The Boxer Rebellion at Cambridge APU
King Adora live in Newbury
Attila the Stockbroker / Bomb Factory split single reviewed in Cambridge Evening News
Kid Conspiracy- December Falls EP
Attila the Stockbroker / Bomb Factory split single reviewed in God is in the TV
Attila the Stockbroker / Bomb Factory split single reviewed on Drowned in Sound
Bloc Party, Kill Keneda, Colonel Bastard:
Cambridge APU Bar 30/ 03/ 04
Love Music Hate Racism: The Libertines, Buzzcocks, 80s Matchbox..,Miss Black America, The Others
King Adora's Who Do You Love
The Libertines, Buzzcocks, 80s Matchbox..,Miss Black America at Love Music Hate Racism Benefit
Love at Cambridge Corn Exchange, 27.2.04
The Moonies - The Rock'n'Roll ep
The Libertines at Birmingham Academy, 29.2.04
The Moon Office - Academa's New Look ep
Scissor Sisters live in Nottingham, 3.2.04
Donderevo's 'Good Science/ Friendly Gods'
Donderevo's 'Good Science/ Friendly Gods' (yes again!)
Scarlet Soho's Isolation ep
Easyworld / The Upper Room live at Reading Fez
Raw Deal : 16 New Wave Tracks
Suede at Bristol Carling Academy, 9.12.03
The Strokes at Cardiff Arena, 3.12.03
Cosy Cosy, Eleaven, Diamorphine and Mark Hammond, Portland Arms, 29.1.04
Fear of a Black Kennett reviewed in Uncle Skank
A Mess of Red Felt-Tip and Bitching Hannah reviews My Hi-Fi Sister, Amplifier, Art Brut, Lomax, Pretty Girls Make Graves, McClusky and Akira.
Neo's "Free From Reason" reviewed in Here Be Monsters Fanzine
Fear of a Black Kennet reviewed in God Is In The TV
The Coral at Bristol Carling Academy by Steve Bateman
Fear Of A Black Kennett reviewed in Scootering
Beautiful Velocity by Miss Black America
R*E*P*E*A*T Anti Christmas Shindig, 29.12.03
Dangerous Kitchen(The Subversive World of Zappa)By Kevin Courier - Book review
Miss Black America's Beautiful Velocity / All I Want Is Out reviewed in Cambridge Evening News
The Libertines at London Forum
The Strokes and British Sea Power in Cardiff
Fear of a Black Kennett reviewed in Drowned in Sound
Fear of A Black Kennett reviewed on Wideload
Houston 500, Cambridge Boat Race, 1.12.03
Fear of a Black Kennett reviewed in NME
Medium 21/ Good Cop Bad Cop/ Kapowski
Tempers Idol Live at Newbury
Fear of a Black Kennett reviewed in Cambridge Evening News
Fear of a Black Kennett review from Musos Guide
Cooper Temple Clause / The Raveonettes
King Adora at Islington Academy
The Stands at Reading Fez Club
King Adora - Drag / 9 Inches of Pure Malice
Placebo at Bristol Colston Hall by Steve Bateman
The Libertines live review
The Thrills live review
Cooper Temple Clause live review
Top Ten Tips for Christmas CDs - send us yours!
Street Regal live reviewed by Anthony Gibbons
Loophole Demo reviewed by Holli(l)y
Elbow at Cambridge Junction by Anthony Gibbons
The Broken Family Band at Cambridge Picture Arts House by Anthony Gibbons
Zen Motel, Scarlet Soho and Girls on Top
Bomb Factory, Virgin Suicides and Dope Jam by Pat King
Hannah's Reading Festival Awards Page
Three Piece Suite by Cosy Cosy
The Electronic Structures and Sound Effects of The Man From Uranus
Miss Black America and Cultural Ice Age split single reviewed in The Independent
Miss Black America and Cultural Ice Age split single reviewed on Drowned In Sound
Cosy Cosy demo reviewed by Holli(l)y
Queen Adreena Interview

Chris Marling's July
Right Turn Clyde, Sparklehorse, Um, Nerf Herder, Houston 500, Broken Family Band, The Bomb Factory, The Koreans and The Pony Collaboration.

Dude On A Mission, Virgin Suicides and Corporation:Blend, 17.7.03
Virgin Suicides ep review by John Clare
Louder Than The Crowd Review and competition
Special Needs, LOndon Paradise Bar, by Holl(i)y
Star Spangles Interview and Competition
I Live For Speed by The Star Spangles
Scarlet Soho, Greg Neo, Princess Drive & Loophole
Cold Water Songs by The Broken Family Band
Strawberry Fair YPT by Rosey
Right Turn Clyde by Chris Marling
We Start Fires by Holl(i)y
Ash by Steve Bateman
Miss Black America by Holl(i)ly
The Virgin Suicides Demos by Holl(i)ly
The Toilet Boys by Holl(i)ly
All Tomorrow's Parties by Janeyferr
Miss Black America by Chris Marling
Neo by Holl(i)y
Xerophyte by Someone
Impact, AR and Jinxt by Rosey
Cosy Cosy by Rosie (tee hee, that rhymes)
Neo/Virgin Suicides/Sift by Rosey
Engerica by Holl(i)y
God Bless Miss Black America by Rosey
Right Turn Clyde by Jessica Holland
The Dawn Parade by Anthony Gibbons
Ash - Intergalactic Sonic 7"s & Cosmic Debris by Chris Marling
The Datsuns- Boat Race by Rory Johnson
Martin Grech, Mew, Antihero Cambridge Boatrace, 4/09/2002 By Holly
Neo/Scarlet Soho, October 19th from Indigo Flow
Fonda 500 @ Adelphis by some geezer
Eighties Matchbox Disaster by Steve Rudd
Manics in Germany, 3/11/2002 by James Furner
Manics- Forever Delayed, slated by Phil Rose esq
TV Smith by Chris Marling
Warning, po faced nonsense ahoy
Suede live in Bristol by Steve Bateman
JJ72 by Steve Bateman
We Start Fires, Cosy Cosy and Slowdrowned by Someone
The Lollies, Darts Club and Harvey Half Devoured by Chris Marling, the old darling
Says rude things about Suede
Manics in Cardiff by Steve Bateman
Asian Dub Foundation by A Nonny Mouse
Feeder by Steve Bateman
Is she hungry?
Hell is for Heroes an interview
Says rude things about Suede
Kinesis, another interview (we need an interview page)
Says rude things about Suede
The Cooper Temple Clause
Says rude things about Suede

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