Ladytron - Sugar

Ladytron were one of those bands that got lumped somewhat unfairly in to the whole electroclash movement several years ago and got littered with the whole style over substance tag.
This new single still has the poppyness present but this time it's slightly more harder edged and darker than previous outings.

Millionaire - We don't live here anymore

After listening to this, It's no surprise to find out that this little known Belgium band have previously toured with Queens of the Stone Age, as they do share many parallel's.
There blend of bass heavy stoner rock is similar to "song's for the deaf" era QOTSA, both share rhythmic guitar riffs, soothed out vocal's and pounding drums.

We Are Scientists - Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt

We Are Scientists were one of the muchly tipped hits of this years SXSW festival.
The A side of this single is an infectious, catchy and slightly angular indie dance floor filler. If I was going to compare it to anyone it would have to be Hot Hot Heat or a less English version of The Rake's.
B-side 'mucho mas' is slower paced and is even slightly post-rock sounding, saying that it also reminds of Interpol.

By Nathan Westley

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