Interpol @ House of Blues, Orlando, FL - 03/20/05
By Julie Zerbib

In an atmosphere promoting the latest hipster fashions and distractions as well as their soundtrack, this time around Interpol have certainly turned on the bright lights.
Playing a variety of their best known songs mostly drawn from the new album, Interpol opened with "Next Exit." Compared to the previous two shows I've attended, the crowd for this gig was comparatively tame. Only the front rows were packed with fans busting a move while others just looked on in stoic fashion. Paul Banks was dead on with his vocals, even appearing elegantly bored, as Daniel Kessler trudged on with his guitar. The new keyboardist du - jour had as much stage presence as Kirk Douglas on morphine, which made me miss former keyboardist, Eric. They continued their set with current favorites including "Evil," and "Slow Hands," as well as old favorites, "NYC," "Say Hello to the Angels," and "PDA." When it came to the encore, the band swapped the traditional "Stella" for "Roland," and even played the rare b-side, "Specialist."

Opening band, Q And Not U who received mixed reviews from audience members, played a festive set including their current hit, "Beautiful People."

After the gig, Carlos D and members held a DJ set at The Social, a venue in downtown Orlando. After 2 hours, it was clear that there would be no DJ set. However, I slipped towards the back and found myself among Paul Banks and Daniel Kessler who schmoozed with local venue celebrities and sycophants alike, under the smoky atmosphere of the bar. When I approached Paul for a picture, he gently obliged but insisted on taking the picture himself, claiming he would not take one otherwise. This is what adds to Interpol's pompous New York mystique. All in all, Interpol put on a good show and proved that their antics can still attract a sold-out crowd.