22/05/04- APU Bar, Cambridge

The music royalty of Cambridge were out in force tonight, and first up is what many people thought was an odd choice for support, CRS*. My claim to fame is that I used to go to college with Mr. David Caswell, who plays guitar. We used to share conversations in which I would try and cheer him up with impressions of E.T. the Extra Terrestrial. Perhaps this inspired some of their songs. Although, to my embarassment, I haven't seen them play for a while so I was anticipating that they may have progressed since then. After all, lead guitarist Arthur appears to have gone all metal, wearing his trousers round his knees and adopting a mullet like hair-do. Stalwarts of the local indie scene needn't cry into their pints just yet though. Their music seems completely unaffected by this transformation. CRS* still don't have vocals and they still sound like they have listened to a whole lotta Radiohead. Or Godspeed. Fortunately, I love Radiohead. However, I hate Godspeed. As intricate as it all attempts to be, this just doesn't take me to higher plains and blow my mind, which I think is the idea. But it's still pretty cool to get stoned to and, judging by the bands far-out performance tonight, I assume all of the band members were. Woah. Man.

Right Turn Clyde

Cheerful "speed-metal" by their own admission, with the additional lurve of a bit of emo and Reo Speedwagon, Right Turn Clyde are showing off their new drummer. And he's very good. Although I think his hands are smaller than Ed's. Anyway, they still rock. And I know you've all seen them play their fabulous and gorgeous sweat-filled set of songs before (you haven't? Welcome to Planet Earth) so there is little I can say about these guys that hasn't been said. So I'll try and think of something… Did you know that singer Jazz had pieces of his ass removed for clinical trials? There you go.

Right Turn Clyde

I assume that Million Dead all have their buttocks intact. If not, then they hide it very well. After seeing them play with Funeral For a Friend last October, I thought they were great then and was pleased to see that their recent success hasn't changed this. Although the lead singer now sports a beard, looks like Jesus Christ and, with all the hero worshipping going on from the screaming teenagers at the front of the stage, for this, their second show of the day, you could well believe he could turn water into wine. Or at least produce a fish or two as a handy party trick, whilst the pretty and talented bassist provides inspiration for the ladies and eye candy for the older men in the house. Girl power. Using surging guitar, screaming and excitable vocals and a powerful rhythm section, combined with an extremely interesting and energetic presence to perform old favourites and new (latest single "I gave my eyes to Stevie Wonder" was a sure highlight and even if it wasn't is the best song title I've heard in months), this must be what they call post-hardcore at its best (damn that term again but it's the best thing to describe them if they need any introduction). In short, they know how good they are and everyone else there knows how good they are. I'll leave it at that.

Anna Claxon