So the mouthy ones finally got close to making a record as energetic and angry as all their shouting and posturing and finger pointing demanded they make. Miss Black America finally made a punk rock record that almost matters. They’ve always been a band that threatened to matter, never quite worked out that not everyone needs to be attacked and shot down though – a band who were (are?) far too angry with absolutely everyone and everything. Miss Black America have always been a band who’s commitment and un-compromised stance and energy was to be admired, never ever a band who’s music really honestly backed it up – a nearly band, a cut price Manics with a hint of Pulp, some soul, an edge of style, a big bag of hot air and anger and a hint of what they maybe could be it….. Not any more, best moments by far, a lead track that finally (nearly) backs it up and some b-sides with real warmth – www.missblackamerica.net / www.repeatfanzine.co.uk

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