The Academy @ APU, Cambridge 9/4/05

White Rose Movement are a five-piece from London who like their retro beats and electronica. So someone else would be better qualified to review them because it's not something I pride myself on knowing a lot about. My Dad always tried to get me into Kraftwerk but it never really happened. Still, I would recommend that you go watch them yourself because, as early 80's throwbacks go, they were very entertaining. Not afraid to communicate with their audience and dance the funky chicken, I also enjoyed watching them very much because they are stunning, skinny and obviously styled. I want to know where the bassist got his hair done and what I have to do to get cheekbones like the keyboard player. Mmmmmm…

Whilst Pink Grease favour the "we-could-be-the-musical-A-team" approach to image. Thankfully completely off their glam-rockers, I'm thinking an episode where Mr. T and Murdoch end up in a Rocky Horror Picture Show spoof perhaps. The bassist wore a fabulously floral plastic pinny, the funky be-afroed man who almost took my eye out with his gun-shaped guitar was sporting a lippy I would love to know the shade of, the strange lad playing his home-made synth would not have looked out of place in Slade (possibly, as my mate pointed out, a result of a good few years locked in a cupboard somewhere, poor soul). And the surprisingly seductive singer… well, he has a big packet. Which leaves the more normal drummer and a bloke getting low-down and dirty with his saxophone to complete the explosion of sparkly neon and sinister-edged narcotics-based sexual energy licking you from top to tail which make a band like this the most enticing act I've seen since those crazy Scissor Sisters. Not least because, amazingly, submitting to their fun and catchy blend of harmonic New Wave-esque sleaze, Cambridge gleefully sweated their little pop socks off and any band that can achieve a remotely party atmosphere in this here town certainly has to be one of the most irresistible must-see acts of the year. Now don't make me have to tell you again.

Pink Grease's debut album "We are for real" is available now. I'd buy it if I were you.

Anna C.